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China tightens control of online news after sensitive gaffes

The Chinese government is holding chief editors of news websites personally liable for content, months after several portals posted material that was seen as embarrassing to President Xi Jinping.

Beijing to stand firm against Hong Kong protests: Media

State media insisted Tuesday that China would not give in to Hong Kong protesters` demands for full democracy and would wait for mass protests in the semi-autonomous city to fizzle out.

China seen as `confident`, `belligerent`: State media

People around the world see China as "confident", "belligerent" and "arrogant", state-run media reported on Tuesday in an unusually direct survey of attitudes towards the country.

`De-Americanised` world needed after US shutdown: China media

While US politicians grapple with how to reopen their shuttered government and avoid a potentially disastrous default on their debt, the world should consider `de-Americanising`, a commentary on China`s official news agency said Sunday.

US is `biggest villain` for IT spying: Xinhua

The United States is the world`s "biggest villain" for IT espionage, China`s official media said Sunday after new allegations of anti-Beijing snooping emerged.

China foreign news ban criticised by media group

A press freedom group Thursday criticised a ruling that bans Chinese journalists from quoting foreign news outlets without permission, a move that further tightens Beijing`s control of the media.

China media dismiss reports of Jiang`s death

Jiang Zemin led China through massive changes after the crushing of Tiananmen Square movement.

US human rights pressure will fail: China media

The Global Times said China will never allow US to dictate political reforms.

China media warn Japan over escalating sea row

China`s government on Sunday suspended high-level exchanges with Japan.

China media can`t cover Google book: US author

The author of a new book about Google will not promote it in China next month because he says the government is restricting the Chinese media`s writings about the company since it moved its search engine off the mainland.

China media decries US `arrogance` on Taiwan

China`s state media accused Washington on Monday of "arrogance" and "double standards" in going ahead with arms sales to Taiwan, saying Beijing`s threat to penalise US companies over the deal was very real.

Google’s exit move conspired by US govt: China media

In a new twist to Google-Beijing spat, China’s state media has described the Internet giant’s threat to withdraw from the country as a political conspiracy hatched by the US government.