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China defence spending to rise `around 7%`: Official

China defence spending to rise `around 7%`: Official

The actual number for defence spending will be released on Sunday, when China`s largely rubber-stamp Parliament begins its annual session.

China may be developing new long-range air-to-air missile

China`s first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, recently sailed around the self-ruled island in what China called a routine drill, but which prompted Taiwan to scramble fighter jets and navy ships.

Donald trump effect: `China should build more nuclear arms, increase military spending`

Donald trump effect: `China should build more nuclear arms, increase military spending`

On Wednesday, Donald Trump selected Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, who has close ties to Chinese President Xi Jinping, as ambassador to China.

China makes more military reforms, sets up graft busting unit

Xi Jinping`s push to reform the military coincides with China becoming more assertive in its territorial disputes in the East and South China Seas.

Women soldiers steal show at China's victory parade rehearsal

Making their debut, over 50 women from China military's honour guards today stole the show at the full dress rehearsal of the September 3 military parade to commemorate the victory against Japan in WWII.

China military to probe building projects in graft crackdown

China`s military has begun a six-month probe into buildings erected without permission, that exceed specifications or are illegally rented out, as part of a broader campaign against corruption, the Defence Ministry said on Monday.

China building second aircraft carrier: PLA colonel

China is building its second aircraft carrier, a senior naval officer has told media, the most explicit confirmation yet of a widely expected move that will boost Beijing`s maritime power.

China to toughen military checks to fight internet spying

 China`s military will toughen ideological background checks on its troops and strictly control their internet and mobile phone use in an effort to combat spying by "hostile forces", state media said on Wednesday.

China announces war games starting Tuesday

China says it has set up alternative flight routes to minimize delays related to military exercises along its southeastern coast that start tomorrow.

Retired China military told to `return houses` in crackdown

China has told retired military officers to return non-essential public housing after an investigation found "irregularities", state media said Sunday, as Beijing steps up efforts to stamp out official corruption and excess.

17 Chinese soldiers killed in accidental blast while piling ammunition

In an accidental explosion at a military installation in China`s Hunan province, seventeen Chinese soldiers were killed while piling ammunition, state media reported Wednesday.

China to improve military training to reach "combat standard"

China will improve military training to reach "combat standard", state media said on Thursday, as President Xi Jinping steps up efforts to modernise the armed forces in the face of bubbling territorial disputes.

China to spend more on Navy, Air Force upgrade

In a major strategic shift, China has for the first time decided to spend more from its USD 132 billion defence budget to upgrade Navy and Air Force amid deepening conflict with Japan, South China Sea dispute and US military push into Asia-Pacific.

China`s Xi ramps up military spending in face of worried region

China announced its biggest rise in military spending in three years on Wednesday, a strong signal from President Xi Jinping that Beijing is not about to back away from its growing assertiveness in Asia, especially in disputed waters.

US plays down tension with China, upbeat on military exchanges

The United States is optimistic about military exchanges with China and wants deeper ties to help reduce the risk of miscalculation, a top US military officer said on Saturday, playing down tension between the world`s two biggest economies.

China soldiers too big for outdated tanks: Report

Chinese soldiers have become so much taller and fatter in recent years that they often find themselves cramped in tanks designed three decades ago, state media reported.

China to increase military spending to USD 148 bn: Report

China will significantly increase its defence budget and spend USD 148 billion on its military this year, second only to the US, a surge driven by escalation in tensions with its neighbours over longstanding territorial disputes, according to a media report.

China invites foreign experts to watch military drill

China has for the first time invited a large contingent of foreign military experts to observe exercises by the People`s Liberation Army (PLA).

China-US military ties improve: Media

China`s military, the largest in the world, is taking concrete steps to foster closer links with US to address concerns arising out of its massive modernisation, a media report said.

China military urges vigilance over Japan`s defense plan

China`s Defence Ministry urged international vigilance of Japan`s military plans after it unveiled an interim report calling for strengthened armed forces, including the possible acquisition of the ability to hit enemy bases.