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'Bambi' artist Tyrus Wong dies aged 106

'Bambi' artist Tyrus Wong dies aged 106

Tyrus Wong, the artist whose works inspired the Disney film 'Bambi', has died aged 106.

Viral video: Chinese artist builds 500 metre stairway with fireworks as ode to his grandmother

Viral video: Chinese artist builds 500 metre stairway with fireworks as ode to his grandmother

A Chinese artist, Cai Guoqiang, expressed his love for his grandmother in an unique manner.

Chinese artist makes paintings with fish bones

Artists tend to show their understanding of the world on canvas or paper with oil, ink or even chalk - but Chinese painter Lin Hanbing has his own stuff: fish bones.

Chinese artist Wu Guanzhong`s painting sold for over $23 mn

An oil painting by Chinese contemporary artist Wu Guanzhong has sold for 149.5 million yuan (about $23.6 million) at an auction.

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei appeals tax bill, fines

Ai Weiwei`s design firm challenged the $1.85 million tax bill delivered by authorities.

Colleagues of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei released

Ai Weiwei was released on Wednesday after nearly three months in detention.

No interviews, Twitter, travel for Chinese artist

The Foreign Ministry said Ai Weiwei remained under investigation for suspected crimes.

China releases artist Ai Weiwei on bail

Police have released high-profile artist Ai Weiwei on bail after he confessed to tax evasion.

Painting by Chinese artist sold for 65 mn dollars!

A painting by contemporary Chinese artist Qi Baishi has been sold for 425.5 million yuan ($65 million), a record high for contemporary and modern Chinese paintings and calligraphy.

Detained Chinese artist Ai allowed to meet wife

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei met with his wife for the first time since his detention.

Detained Chinese artist allowed visit by wife

Weiwei`s case has drawn sharp criticism from the US of rights violation in China.

Sculptor Kapoor dedicates work to jailed Chinese artist

British sculptor Anish Kapoor today dedicated his new monumental art installation in Paris to the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, who is in custody in Beijing accused of unspecified crimes.

China police silent on Ai Weiwei detention

Chinese police held Ai Weiwei at Beijing`s international airport on Sunday.

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei says house arrest over

Ai Weiwei was barred from attending a feast at his studio set for demolition.

Chinese artist `under house arrest` in Beijing

Ai Weiwei had planned a party to mark the destruction of his Shanghai studio.