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China court jails 24 over USD 1.5 bn financial fraud

A court in southern China has jailed 24 people for fraudulently raising nearly 10 billion yuan ($1.5 billion) in one of the country`s biggest financial scams, the official Xinhua news agency said.

China killer gets death years after teen`s wrongful execution

A Chinese court on Monday sentenced a convicted serial killer to death for a murder he confessed to a decade ago, and 19 years after a teenager was executed for the crime. 

Jackie Chan's son sentenced to six months in jail in China

Beijing: Hollywood Kung fu superstar Jackie Chan's son was Thursday sentenced to six months in jail by a Chinese court here for drug offenses, a far lighter sentence than that was projected ahead of his trial.

China to pay USD 322,000 compensation for wrong conviction

A USD 322,000 will be paid as compensation to the parents of a man who was wrongly convicted and executed for rape and murder in 1996 by a Chinese court.

Eight sentenced to die for attacks in China`s Xinjiang: CCTV

 A Chinese court condemned eight people to death Monday for two deadly attacks in Xinjiang, as Beijing cracks down hard on violence in the homeland of the mostly Muslim Uighur minority.

Drugmaker GSK says fined $490 mn in China graft probe

A Chinese court on Friday fined British drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline 3 billion yuan (USD 490 million) following a nearly year-long bribery probe, the company said.

Chinese court upholds policeman`s death sentence

A Chinese court today rejected an appeal by a policeman against his death sentence for killing a pregnant woman in an inebriated state.

Chinese court sentences doctor to death for child trafficking

A Chinese obstetrician in the country`s northwestern Shaanxi Province was today sentenced to death with a two years` reprieve for trafficking seven babies.

Chinese court upholds sentence to `Sister House`

A Chinese court today upheld the sentence of a former banker, mocked by Chinese netizens as "Sister House", for faking IDs.

Chinese court upholds life sentence for Bo Xilai

A court in eastern China rejected an appeal by ousted senior politician Bo Xilai on Friday and upheld his life sentence on charges of bribery, corruption and abuse of power, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

Chinese court sentences toddler killer to death

A Chinese man was sentenced to death by a court on Wednesday for killing a two-year-old girl by hurling her to the ground after an argument with the baby`s mother over a parking space.

Chinese court orders woman to take care of her mother

A Chinese court has ordered a woman to visit her 77-year-old mother once every two months and provide her financial help.

Chinese court sentencing rape victim draws public ire

A Chinese court sentenced a young woman to four years in jail for killing a man who sexually assaulted her.

Chinese politician gets death sentence for corruption

A Chinese court has sentenced Song Chenguang, former senior political advisor of east China`s Jiangxi Province, to death with two years of probation for bribery.

Apple defends use of iPad name in Chinese court

So far, iPads have been pulled from shelves in some Chinese cities but there has been no sign of action at the national level.

Chinese dissident sentenced to 7 years over poem

The hefty sentence comes ahead of next week`s visit to
the US by Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping, widely expected
to be China`s next leader.

China sentences rights activist to 9 years in jail

Chen, 42, previously served time for participating in the 1989 Tiananmen Square pro-democracy demonstrations in Beijing.

China:17 convicted for attacking demolition sqads

The 17 people were found guilty by a district court in
Lanzhou city of beating, clubbing, and hurling bricks.

Chinese court sentences US geologist to 8 years

American geologist has been convicted of illegally providing state secrets.

Chinese court orders retrial after `real killer` emerges

A Chinese court has ordered a
retrial into a murder case after a man came out with a
confession that he was the "real killer", where another person
had been convicted three years ago.