Pak Taliban video purportedly shows kidnapped Chinese man

The Pakistani Taliban today released a video that appeared to show a kidnapped Chinese man making a desperate appeal to his government to secure his release, a year after he was abducted.

Chinese man with 17 girlfriends arrested for fraud

A Chinese man has been arrested for committing a fraud on 17 girlfriends simultaneously.

Chinese Casanova's  with 17 girlfriends caught out at hospital
Chinese Casanova's with 17 girlfriends caught out at hospital

This is indeed turning out to be a bizarre world where unexpected stories keep popping up.

Chinese man executed for killing pregnant wife, 6 relatives

A Chinese man was executed today for killing his pregnant wife and six other close relatives in northwest China.

Chinese man recovers after 3D-printed prosthetic skull replacement

A Chinese farmer who damaged half his skull in an accident has been treated with the help of 3D printing technology.

Chinese man sets fire to packed passengers bus to gain fame

A Chinese man, who set a fire inside a packed passenger bus in east China last week injuring himself and 31 others, did it to gain fame, state media reported on tuesday.

Chinese man jailed for 10 years over military secrets: Xinhua

A Chinese snack bar owner has been jailed for 10 years for disclosing military secrets including documents and photographs of equipment to "foreign intelligence agencies", state media said Monday.

Chinese man executed for murdering parents

China today executed a man who clubbed his parents to death to claim insurance compensation.

Chinese man fined for driving fake Mercedes

A desperate Chinese man who ornamented his car to resemble a Mercedes-Benz in order to appear more successful has been fined for illegally modifying his vehicle, which was later seized by the police.

Chinese man kills 7 members of his family over dispute

A Chinese man went on a killing spree on Friday murdering seven members of his family including his wife and two children in the central Henan Province.

Chinese man presents USD 1.5 million to future bride

A Chineses suitor has presented USD 1.5 million to his would-be in the eastern province of Zhejiang, where there is a tradition to offer engagement gifts.

Chinese kills roommate, dumps body in manhole

The incident occurred in Shanghai`s Yiyuan Village early Thursday. The suspect, surnamed Li, was detained by police at the site.

Chinese man steals after being refused sex

The 24-year-old surnamed Meng had met the 21-year-old woman through Internet last year and offered to pay for her stay if she agreed to come to Shanghai.

Chinese man whips his son to death for bad behaviour

A Chinese man has been arrested for allegedly whipping his six-year-old son to death after the boy`s teachers complained that he was extorting money from classmates.

84-year-old Chinese man turns nude model

He receives USD 15.81 for each sitting he does completely nude, giving him an income of about 1,000 yuan a month.

Swallowed diamond purged out of Chinese man

A leading Pakistani daily on Sunday sought to liken the signing of a landmark India-Pakistan visa agreement that does away with decades-old restrictions to man`s landing on the moon.

Swallowed diamond purged out of Chinese man

The diamond believed to be worth USD 14,000 was swallowed by a Chinese national, Chow Wan, during the opening of FACET 2012, the annual international gem and jewellery exhibition.

Diamond swallowing Chinese man arrested at Lanka exhibition

A Chinese visitor to Sri Lanka`s biggest gem and jewellery show swallowed a diamond worth over USD 14,000 in a novel attempt to steal it.

China: Man jailed for 3 yrs for mercy killing of mother

A Chinese migrant worker has been sentenced to three years in jail for acceding to his paralysed mother`s request for mercy killing.

Chinese man buries son alive over homework

A man in China`s Yunnan province has been detained for allegedly beating his son and burying him alive over daily quibbles, a media report said.