China flaunts cruise missile power amid South China Sea row

Amid row with the US over South China Sea, Chinese military has deployed its latest anti-ship cruise missiles.

'China for peaceful negotiation to handle disputes'

China always insists on resolving divergence and disputes through friendly negotiations with parties directly concerned, a senior military official said.

Bitterness grows in Chinese military over large-scale troop cuts
Bitterness grows in Chinese military over large-scale troop cuts

Bitterness is growing within China`s armed forces to President Xi Jinping`s decision to cut troop numbers by 300,000 and considerable effort will be needed to overcome opposition to the order, according to a source and commentaries in the military`s newspaper.

China teaching troops folk dances to make friends in Xinjiang


Beijing: China`s military has been teaching its soldiers in the unruly region of Xinjiang folk dances and songs as part of efforts to improve relations with the minority people who live there, it said on Wednesday.

Chinese military to layoff 1.70 lakh officers: Report

China's new move to downsize its 2.3-million strong military will result in laying off of about 1.70 lakh officers as the world's largest army plans to scrap two of its existing seven commands and three corps to streamline forces.

China holds massive military parade, to cut troop levels by 300,000
China holds massive military parade, to cut troop levels by 300,000

President Xi Jinping announced on Thursday he would cut troop levels by 300,000 as China held its biggest display of military might in a parade to commemorate victory over Japan in World War Two, an event shunned by most Western leaders.

Chinese military paper warns a corrupt army does not win wars

  The Chinese military`s official newspaper warned on Sunday that a corrupt army would not win wars, three days after the government announced a former senior officer would be prosecuted for graft.

Chinese military research academy praises India's main battle tank Arjun, says it's 'very good'
Chinese military research academy praises India's main battle tank Arjun, says it's 'very good'

India's indigenous main battle tank Arjun was on Monday praised by a top Chinese military official who said it is "very good" for Indian conditions as the PLA for the first time opened its facilities for Indian media to provide an insight into its massive modernisation.

`Pathetic, shameful, corrupt` Chinese general dies: Media

 The highest-ranking Chinese military officer to fall victim to President Xi Jinping`s anti-corruption drive has died of cancer, official media reported Monday, heaping opprobrium on his memory.

Chinese troops warned of infiltration by 'hostile forces'

 Chinese military has barred soldiers from blogging and online chatting and will toughen political background checks on them in a bid to prevent "penetration" and "sabotage by hostile forces".

Hong Kong creates cadet force modelled partly on Chinese Army

 Hong Kong has created a new army cadet force modelled partly on the Chinese military, sparking fears of tighter controls over the city`s youth in the wake of student-led pro-democracy protests.

China virtually confirms 3rd hypersonic missile test

The Chinese military on Wednesday virtually confirmed reports that it carried out a third test of its new hypersonic missile, saying such "scientific experiments" are not directed against other countries.

China denies reports to set up 18 naval bases in Indian Ocean

Beijing: Defending its submarine's docking at Colombo port as common practice, Chinese military today termed "utterly groundless" reports that it is setting up 18 naval bases in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Myanmar and several other places in the western and southern Indian Ocean.

US faces greatest military challenge from China: Jindal

Indian-American Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, a potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate, has lashed out at Chinese military buildup, saying the US today faces the greatest military challenge from China.

China close to developing `supersonic submarine`

China is developing a'supersonic' submarine that could travel from Shanghai to San Francisco in less than two hours.

Chinese ex-military leader under graft investigation: Report

A former high-ranking Chinese military leader is under investigation for allegedly taking bribes, a Hong Kong-based watchdog said on Tuesday, coming on the back of the nation`s much-publicised anti-corruption drive.

In Chinese shadow, Hong Kong fights for its future

As skyscrapers around Hong Kong harbour erupted into a reverie of laser beams and giant digital displays during their synchronised nightly light show, one innocuous 28-story building near the water`s edge had stayed dark for months, clad in bamboo scaffolding for a face-lift.

China military bases threatened by luxury villas, fake tourists: State media

The security of Chinese military bases is being threatened by illegally built high-rise buildings, and in one case villas built inside a base, and fake tourists seeking access to sensitive sites to spy, state media said on Wednesday.

Indian Army Chief to visit China from Wednesday

Army Chief General Bikram Singh will be in China on a rare visit on Wednesday during which he will hold talks with top brass of the Chinese military, foreign ministry officials.

US to ask China to restart cyber working group

The United States wants to restart a cybersecurity working group that China shut down after the US indicted five Chinese military officers on charges of hacking into American companies` computers to steal trade secrets.