US faces greatest military challenge from China: Jindal

Indian-American Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, a potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate, has lashed out at Chinese military buildup, saying the US today faces the greatest military challenge from China.

China close to developing `supersonic submarine`

China is developing a'supersonic' submarine that could travel from Shanghai to San Francisco in less than two hours.

Chinese ex-military leader under graft investigation: Report

A former high-ranking Chinese military leader is under investigation for allegedly taking bribes, a Hong Kong-based watchdog said on Tuesday, coming on the back of the nation`s much-publicised anti-corruption drive.

In Chinese shadow, Hong Kong fights for its future

As skyscrapers around Hong Kong harbour erupted into a reverie of laser beams and giant digital displays during their synchronised nightly light show, one innocuous 28-story building near the water`s edge had stayed dark for months, clad in bamboo scaffolding for a face-lift.

China military bases threatened by luxury villas, fake tourists: State media

The security of Chinese military bases is being threatened by illegally built high-rise buildings, and in one case villas built inside a base, and fake tourists seeking access to sensitive sites to spy, state media said on Wednesday.

Indian Army Chief to visit China from Wednesday

Army Chief General Bikram Singh will be in China on a rare visit on Wednesday during which he will hold talks with top brass of the Chinese military, foreign ministry officials.

US to ask China to restart cyber working group

The United States wants to restart a cybersecurity working group that China shut down after the US indicted five Chinese military officers on charges of hacking into American companies` computers to steal trade secrets.

Thai Army delegation visits China amid Western reproach of coup

A delegation of Thai military commanders travelled to China on Wednesday for talks on regional security and joint training exercises amid Western unease over the Thai army`s seizure of power in a coup last month.

China opposes US report on Chinese military

China Friday expressed "firm opposition" to a Pentagon report, saying it is a groundless speculation on China`s military development made with ulterior motives, Xinhua reported.

US files first charges on hacking, infuriating China

The United States on Monday charged five members of a shadowy Chinese military unit for allegedly hacking US companies for trade secrets, infuriating Beijing which suspended cooperation on cyber issues.

US charges 5 Chinese military officers with cyberspying

In the first-ever charges against known state actors, the US on Monday indicted five officers of China`s powerful military for serious cybersecurity breaches and allegedly stealing trade secrets from six American entities including Westinghouse Electric.

US charges Chinese military with cyber-spying: Media

The United States has filed charges against several members of China`s military for allegedly stealing American trade secrets, media reports said Monday.

Hong Kong activist anger at Chinese military dock

Plans to construct a Chinese military dock on a prime piece of Hong Kong waterfront sparked angry reaction from activists on Monday, the latest sign of resistance to Beijing`s influence on the city.

China`s military to hold exercises involving 40,000 troops

China`s military will hold one of its biggest exercises involving 40,000 troops aimed at testing the logistic ability of the world`s largest army to move its troops in real wartime situation.

PLA for stronger Chinese military

China`s People`s Liberation Army on Sunday called for better implementation of the country`s ambition for a strong military.

Chinese military aerobatic team to perform in Moscow

The aerobatic team of China`s People`s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force will stage its first overseas airshow with J-10 jet fighters in Moscow, officials said.

Chinese military tests heavy pontoon bridge on Brahmaputra

Chinese army has tested a new-type of heavy-duty pontoon bridge on the Brahmaputra river in Tibet during a military exercise.

Six Chinese military officers promoted as general

The Chinese military has promoted six of its senior officers as general, the highest rank in the 2.3 million strong People`s Liberation Army.

Chinese military to pick up future engineers from colleges

China`s education and military authorities have jointly launched a programme to pick up future military engineers from selected university students.

Xi calls for removing `bad elements` from Chinese military

President Xi Jinping has said, seeking to eliminate `bad elements` from China`s powerful military.

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