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Chinese national confesses to slaughtering 19 after family argument

A man has confessed to killing 19 people in a village in southwestern China after an argument with his parents over money, official media said Friday.

China busts 'shadow army', seven arrested

Chinese police claimed to have cracked down on?a "shadow army" and arrested seven people who were allegedly planning an "armed rebellion" to overthrow the one-party political system headed by the ruling Communist Party.

China cracks down on 'black banks' stashing ill-gotten wealth

Crimes related to underground banks have become increasingly severe and complex, a senior Ministry of Public Security official told state-run China Daily.

Chinese police arrest 12 suspects in Tianjin blasts - Xinhua

Chinese police have arrested 12 people suspected of involvement in this month`s massive explosions in the city of Tianjin that killed 139 people and devastated the port area, the state-run Xinhua news agency said on Thursday.

175 grave robbers arrested in China's biggest-ever tomb raid

Chinese police apprehended 175 tomb raiders in the "biggest operation" and recovered 1,168 cultural relics worth USD 80 million, officials said today.

Breaking Bad in China: Chemistry professor `in meth gang`

A former chemistry professor has been identified by Chinese police as part of a gang which cooked up synthetic drugs for sale nationwide, media reported Tuesday.

Torture, abuse of suspects widespread in China: NGO

Chinese police carry out "appalling" torture of criminal suspects, campaigners said Wednesday, as they released a report detailing Beijing`s failure to combat abusive interrogations.

Chinese fugitive arrested after posting holiday selfies

Chinese police have captured a fugitive who revealed his whereabouts by posting holiday selfies on social media.

China police shoot dead two 'terrorists' on Vietnam border

Chinese police have shot dead two suspected "terrorists" on the border with Vietnam, part of a group of people trying to sneak out of the country, state media said on Friday.

China releases three detained feminist activists

Chinese police on Monday released at least three of the five feminist activists detained for over a month in a case which prompted an international diplomatic outcry, one of their lawyers said.

China detains 25 passengers who opened plane exits: Xinhua

Chinese police detained 25 plane passengers who opened emergency exits before take-off after becoming angry that their flight was delayed by snow, state media reported, in the latest incident of rowdy behaviour by Chinese travellers.

Police prevents 12 people from committing suicide in China

At least 12 people who attempted to commit suicide together after being cheated by a venture capital firm were stopped by the Chinese police.

Ex-Chinese policeman executed for shooting pregnant woman

A former policeman was executed Tuesday for shooting a pregnant woman in south China`s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Xinhua reported.

Chinese police arrest prominent rights lawyer

Police in China on Friday arrested one of the country`s most celebrated human rights lawyers, as leaders of the ruling Communist Party renew their push to punish government critics.

Chinese police detains five with explosives in Xinjiang

Chinese police have seized 1.8 tonnes of bombmaking material and detained five suspected militants from the restive Xinjiang province, authorities said today.

Chinese police charge British former GSK China head with bribery

It is the biggest corruption scandal to hit a foreign company in China since the Rio Tinto affair in 2009.

Chinese police to receive gun training

Police in China are set to receive firearms training as part of a nationwide plan to boost armed patrols, state media said Tuesday, after a string of high-profile violent incidents.

China city officers beat old man to death: Report

Chinese police said Wednesday they are investigating the death of an elderly man, after reports that he died following a beating by city enforcement officers triggered outrage online.

Chinese police arrest man for shooting spree

A Chinese man, who allegedly killed six persons and injured three others in a shooting spree last month, was arrested in southwestern Yunnan Province on Tuesday.