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Serena Williams eats dog-food before Italian Open match, regrets after falling ill

Serena Williams eats dog-food before Italian Open match, regrets after falling ill

The American said she found it very tempting and had a 'spoonful', hours after which she rushed to the toilet.

Healthy lifestyle may trim heart risks in diabetics

In some cases, it also enables patients to reduce medication.


World's first biologically powered chip created

In a major breakthrough, researchers at Columbia Engineering have harnessed the molecular machinery of living systems to power an integrated circuit.

New computer chip can self-destruct in seconds

The new technology could allow for easier recycling of electronics, or help ensure that data on stolen electronics remains secure.

Light-based memory chip that permanently stores data

The new device uses the phase-change material -- the same as that used in rewritable CDs and DVDs -- to store data.

Faster, higher capacity memory chip developed

The device, named "memristor", has electronic properties that make it suitable for both for computing and for faster, denser memory, the researchers said and claimed that the chip can be made much more cheaply, using current semiconductor techniques.

New chip could allow cellphones to see through walls

Researchers at UT Dallas have designed an imager chip that could turn mobile phones into devices that can see through walls, wood, plastics, paper and other objects.

Samsung`s legal woes threaten to crimp tablets

An intensifying legal battle between Samsung Electronics Co and Apple Inc is expected to crimp growth at one of the fastest growing businesses of the Korean company.

Chip could open way to lighter laptops, smarter phones

The on-chip design means that the power supply can be managed not just for each processor chip, but for each individual core on the chip.

Faster, greener `super` computer

Scientists have developed an ultra-fast computer chip, which is 20 times faster than regular PCs.

Tiny smart chip to combat chronic pain

Now, a new smart chip of the size of a match head implanted in the spinal cord, blocks pain signals.

AMD develops new fusion chip

The India team of AMD has designed and developed its latest fusion chip `Ontario`.

Chip implant to help the paralysed exercise

A tiny, implantable chip that delivers electrical impulses to aid in exercising paralysed limbs has been unveiled by scientists.