Ozone layer on track to recovery: UN report
Ozone layer on track to recovery: UN report

The depleting ozone layer is well on track to recovery in the next few decades because of "concerted international action", according to an assessment report by UN Enviornment Programme and World Meterological Organisation.

Four new ozone-depleting gases found in atmosphere

A new study has found four new man-made gases in the atmosphere which are destroying the ozone layer.

Ozone chemicals ban may have led to global warming `pause`

A new study has suggested that ban on ozone depleting chemicals may have impacted the global temperature rise.

Global warming `caused by chlorofluorocarbons, not carbon dioxide`

A new research from the University of Waterloo has blamed Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and not carbon dioxide for global warming since the 1970s.

Ozone hole over Antarctica smallest in last decade

Satellite images show that the recent ozone hole discovered over Antarctica was the smallest seen in the past decade.