How friends can make you 'fat'

Friends can actually make you fat by insisting to share a chocolate cake they know you love so much, and you know that you shouldn't have but can't really say no to.

The Art of Chocolate Appreciation

By Pooja Bhula 

Sanjana Patel, Executive Chef of La Folie, tells Pooja Bhula how to understand the profile of a chocolate and to discern its richness

Clear your palate 

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Eating chocolates could help you keep flab, diabetes away

Researchers have discovered a particular type of antioxidant in cocoa prevented laboratory mice from gaining excess weight and lowered their blood sugar levels.

Great gift ideas for women

Women`s day celebration is a celebration of respect , appreciation and love towards women.

Its official! Nibbling on chocolates can help you fight the flab

Researchers have scientifically disproven the old belief that eating chocolate is fattening, as their new study has shown that higher consumption of chocolate is associated with lower levels of total fat (fat deposited all over the body) and central fat (abdominal), independently of whether or not the individual participates in regular physical activity and of diet, among other factors.

Gorging on chocolates can actually help you lose weight!

A new research has found that consuming chocolates can actually help one shed off the extra kilos, as it speeds up the metabolism, which burns more calories.

Make festive season sweeter with chocolates

Add sweetness to the festive fervour by indulging in a lip-smacking collection of chocolates wrapped in colours like orange and gold.

Chocolates can help you lose weight, live longer

Good news for chocoholics, people who eat chocolate are more likely to lose weight than those who don`t, a new poll has revealed.

Chocolates can boost men`s performance in bedroom

Eating chocolate can add sugar to your romantic life, as it can boost a man`s bedroom performances for up to six hours, a new study has revealed.

Why chocolates, olive oil and tea are healthy for you

Researchers are focussing on the healthful antioxidant substances in red wine, dark chocolate, olive oil, coffee, tea, and other foods and dietary supplements.

Chocolates are good for heart!

Chocolates are good for heart and cupid struck lovers can binge on it without worrying about any adverse health effects.

Now, chocolates that don`t melt even in scorching heat!

New `temperature-tolerant chocolates` that don`t melt even at 40 degree Celsius have been developed by confectionery giant Cadbury, which will soon be available in hot-weather countries like India.

Chocolates taste better when dieting

There is reason why few guilty pleasures like abandoning the diet and tucking into a naughty slab of chocolate cake, or mountain of chips always tastes a little bit better, a study suggests.

Chocolates offer opium-like high

Though not many may find it easy to avoid biting into a chocolate, a study has found chocolates cause an effect on the brain similar to that of opium.

Fruity juice halves fat in chocolate without taking away its chocolatey!

Scientists have found a way to replace up to 50 percent of fat content in chocolate with fruit juice.

Chocolate healthier than fruit juices

Chocolate is healthier than many fruit juices and is a `superfood` in its own right, says a new study conducted by a US-based chocolate company.

Chocolates with a `desi` touch a hit in Kolkata

If you want to feast on chocolates, better head towards a sweetmeat shop in the city.

Maker of Snickers to put its chocolate on a diet

Mars has also said it will reduce sodium levels in all its products 25 percent by 2015.