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Indian peacekeepers in Haiti administered cholera vaccines

The UN has administered cholera vaccines to Indian peacekeepers who arrived in Haiti without being vaccinated, with the world body saying it is the responsibility of the troop-contributing country to ensure their personnel meet all medical requirements for deployment.

729,000 persons vaccinated against cholera in Haiti: WHO

729,000 persons vaccinated against cholera in Haiti: WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) said Haiti was nearing the completion of its vaccination campaign against cholera, having reached more than 729,000 people in areas ravaged by Hurricane Matthew.

Hurricane Matthew toll in Haiti at 1,000, buries dead in mass graves

Hurricane Matthew toll in Haiti at 1,000, buries dead in mass graves

Hurricane Matthew slammed into Haiti on Tuesday, whipping it with 145 mile-per-hour winds and torrential rains.

Why cholera is more deadly for people with type O blood

Cholera toxin hyperactivates a key signaling molecule in intestinal cells of people with the most common blood type and high levels of that signaling molecule lead to excretion of electrolytes and water -- in other words, diarrohea, the researchers found.

22 killed from Cholera outbreak in South Sudan

At least 22 people were killed in a cholera outbreak in South Sudan representing a case fatality rate of (CFR) of 2.49 per cent, the UN humanitarian agency said on Tuesday.

Over 200 cholera cases in Zambian capital Lusaka

Cholera cases in Zambian capital Lusaka increased to around 226 despite assurances by authorities that the waterborne disease is under control, the media reported.

Africa's Lake Victoria named major waterborne disease breeding site

People living on Lake Victoria's islands are at risk of cholera, typhoid, and dysentery as most of them drink water directly from the second largest freshwater lake in the world in terms of surface area.

NICED in talks with Bengal to launch cholera vaccine

The researchers wish to apply the preventive step to a particular area, such as in the Sundarbans, to assess the effect and crunch data. Cholera is endemic to Bengal.

South Sudan declares end of cholera outbreak: Report

South Sudan has declared itself to be free of cholera which had been spreading in the new-born state since last June, the media reported on Tuesday.

Infectious diseases killed 1,433 in China in September

 A total of 1,433 people died from infectious diseases in China in September, with HIV/AIDS the top cause of death, according to figures released by the health authority on Saturday.

Iraqi authorities on high cholera alert

 Iraqi authorities are taking strict measures to contain the outbreak of cholera in the country after the death of four people, officials said on Monday.

Cholera, climate change fuel Haiti`s humanitarian crisis: UN

Climate change, cholera and the return of thousands of emigrants from the neighboring Dominican Republican are fueling a humanitarian crisis in Haiti, the UN warned Tuesday.

Cholera outbreak in South Sudan: WHO

 The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported a cholera outbreak in South Sudan with more than 1,000 cases recorded so far.

Health tips to enjoy a Happy Monsoon!

During monsoon season our immune system becomes weak. So it is recommended to eat light food and avoid spicy and fried dishes. One must also avoid roadside food and eat more fruits and vegetables instead.

Oral cholera vaccines can now end dreadful disease in Bangladesh

It is a sigh of relief for Bangladesh, where oral cholera is an endemic disease, as a vaccine called Shanchol which is given as part of routine health services has been tagged safe and will protect children and adults from severe cholera.

MSF fighting cholera outbreak in Tanzania refugee camps

Medical charity Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF, Doctors Without Borders) said Sunday it had launched emergency treatment centres in Tanzania, where thousands of Burundians fleeing unrest have been hit by cholera.

Kenya confirms 65 deaths from cholera outbreak

The death toll from cholera outbreak in Kenya has risen to 65, with at least 3,234 cases reported across the country, authorities said on Tuesday.

Would you drink this beer brewed from 'human waste'?

Would you drink this beer brewed from 'human waste'?

Soon there could be a beer in the market brewed from human sewage.

Diarrhea claims 20 lives in Nigeria

Nigeria's Rivers State government Wednesday said 20 persons have been died from acute diarrhea.

Odisha district takes measures to check water-borne diseases

With jaundice spreading in western Odisha town of Sambalpur, Koraput district administration has initiated precautionary measures to check possible outbreak of waterborne diseases.