Solar Impulse 2 lands in Chongqing, China
Solar Impulse 2 lands in Chongqing, China

Solar Impulse 2 (SI-2), the world's first solar-powered plane, landed in China, completing the fifth leg of its circumnavigation.

Solar Impulse-2 to land in China tonight
Solar Impulse-2 to land in China tonight

Solar Impulse 2 (SI-2), the world's first solar-powered plane, had left Myanmar for Chongqing, China early Monday, on the fifth leg of its round-the-world flight.

Mother of Briton murdered in China renews compensation call

The mother of a Briton whose murder led to the downfall of high-flying Chinese politician Bo Xilai has hit out at Beijing for failing to pay compensation over his death, saying it left a "stain" on China`s reputation.

Eight killed, 24 missing after rainstorms, landslides hit China

Eight people were killed and 24 others went missing after rainstorms and landslides hit China's southwestern Chongqing Municipality.

`White Widow` Samantha taunts detectives with Jimmy Cliff`s Reggae song

Terrorists hiding Samantha Lewthwaite, dubbed the White Widow, have taunted detectives by revealing she recently travelled through a remote town in Somalia.

11 missing in China`s bridge collapse

Eleven people were missing after the collapse of an under-construction bridge pier in southwest China`s Chongqing Municipality.

India bag gold in World Youth Chess Olympiad

Fantastic performance by Kolkata based Sayantan Das and Diptayan Ghosh enabled India to regain the gold medal at the World Youth Chess Olympiad, which concluded on Monday at Chongqing, China.

Chinese official involved in sex video to stand trial

A former official who was placed under investigation following a sex video scandal will stand trial June 19 in a court in southwest China`s Chongqing city.

China hit by sex scandals; more videos of officials expected

China is facing an avalanche of sex scandals as `investigative reporter` plans to release more such clips.

Wrongful jailing complaint in China`s Bo scandal

An ex-lawyer said he was wrongfully persecuted as part of a massive crime crackdown by China`s purged politician Bo Xilai.

Heywood murder: China to announce verdict on Monday

A Chinese court will deliver a verdict in the murder trial of disgraced politician Bo Xilai`s wife on Monday.

Gu Xilai admits to murder in China trial

The court wound up the case involving Gu Kailai and her orderly Zhang Xiaojun, hours after it began and stated that four police officers will also go on trial in the case for alleged cover up.

Neil Heywood murder: Bo Xilai’s wife OKs lawyers

The wife of disgraced Chinese politician Bo Xilai has agreed to be defended by two government-appointed lawyers in the murder case against her.

China: Wife of Bo Xilai admits murdering Heywood

Gu Kailai said she killed Neil Heywood to stop him from revealing the billions of dollars she illegally moved to overseas accounts.

Heywood case: China `murder cover-up began quickly`

Local officials initially told Neil Heywood’s family that he died of excessive drinking, while Heywood hardly ever touched alcohol.

`Heywood left meagre savings for family in China`

Police suspect Neil Heywood was the victim of a poisoning engineered by the wife of ousted Chongqing Communist Party boss Bo Xilai.

`No rift in China`s ruling party over Bo`s sacking`

Bo Xilai is being probed for indiscipline but the action against him has attracted widespread attention in the West.

China gags Neil Heywood’s widow in murder scandal

Neil Heywood, 41, was found dead in his hotel room in China`s southwestern city of Chongqing last November.

China cracks down on online rumours, 2.10 lakh posts deleted

The move comes after Bo Xilai was demoted from China`s politburo after his wife was named as a prime suspect in the murder of a businessman.

Mass protests in Chinese city Chongqing

Chinese officials claimed that the demonstrations have nothing to do with Communist party leader Bo Xilai`s ouster.