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Decoded: What 'silences' X chromosome in girls

Nearly every girl and woman on Earth carries two X chromosomes in each of her cells -- but one of them does (mostly) nothing. Do you know why?

Daily meditation can slow ageing too

 For those who do meditation regularly, here is another good news. Researchers report that apart from reducing blood pressure and heart disease risk, Transcendental Meditation technique and lifestyle changes can slow cellular death too.

Loss of Y chromosome behind male smokers' increased cancer risk

A new study has revealed an association between smoking and loss of the Y chromosome in blood cells that increases the risk of developing cancer in males.

Reducing sitting hours can boost lifespan

A new study has revealed that reducing the sitting hours can help people in protecting the aging of DNA and possibly extend their lifespan.

New genetic basis for sex determination discovered

Not just the X and Y chromosome but a subset of very small genes also play a key role in differentiating male and female tissues in the fruit fly, researchers reported.

How gene mutation leads to liver cancer found

There could soon be a treatment for intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (iCCA), the second most common form of liver cancer, as researchers have have now found how two genetic mutations in liver cells may drive tumour formation in iCCA.

Older women`s eggs `just as good`?

An old hypothesis that claims that as a woman ages, the eggs she will produce will have more faulty chromosomes - leading to miscarriages and developmental abnormalities - does not hold much water, says a new research.

Subtle changes in DNA determine our hair colour

Researchers have claimed that a molecule critical to stem cell function plays a major role in determining human hair color.

Gene mutation behind deadly skin cancer identified

Researchers have identified gene mutation that is responsible for a hereditary form of skin cancer melanoma.

Rare chromosome fusion ups leukemia risk

Children who are born with fusion of two specific chromosomes are more prone to suffer from Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), a common childhood cancer.

Decoded: Why chromosome errors are high in women`s eggs

Scientists have revealed, for the first time, the mystery behind why chromosome errors are high in women`s eggs.

Telomeres, the new test for aging

The passing of time, that tombstone upon which beauty and health are balanced, can be slowed down by a close control of the telomeres, DNA structures at the ends of the chromosomes, says an expert.

3D models show chromosomes not X-shaped as thought

The first 3D models of chromosome structure have overturned a long-held belief about their shape - the X chromosome looks nothing like an X!

Micronuclei may function as potential cancer biomarkers

Scientists have found that micronuclei (small extra nuclei) in cells are associated with specific cancer types, thereby paving the way to detect cancer, says a study.

Chinese man goes to doc, finds he`s a woman!

In a shocking discovery, a 66-year-old "apparently" male patient in Hong Kong found himself to be a woman when he went to a hospital.

Caloric restriction can increase longevity and improve health

A team of experts has found that mice with reduced caloric intake accumulate longer telomeres-the ends of chromosomes- have lower incidence of cancer and are in better health.

Why identical twins are different

Identical twins are genetically different, according to a new study.

33 genes linked to autism `identified`

Scientists claim to have identified 33 genes linked to autism and related disorders.

Soon: Blood test that tells how long you will live!

The test will be able to tell a person`s "biological age".

Soon: Blood test that tells how long you will live!

The test will be able to tell a person`s "biological age".