Supreme Court to hear plea of tobacco industry against government on Monday

Supreme Court to hear plea of tobacco industry against government on Monday

Supreme Court said on Friday that it will hear petitions related to stringent package warning rules filed by tobacco industry against the government on Monday

Kick the butt: Five smoking myths busted!

According to certain reports, smoking in India is on the rise.

Look what Mira Rajput asked hubby Shahid Kapoor to do!

Look what Mira Rajput asked hubby Shahid Kapoor to do!

Mira Rajput has reportedly succeeded in convincing hubby Shahid Kapoor to kick the butt.

Smoking, binge boozing linked to epigenetic signs of aging

Smoking and heavy alcohol use cause epigenetic changes to DNA that reflect accelerated biological aging in distinct, measurable ways.

Sleep properly to keep illness at bay

Scientists have revealed that insufficient sleep is connected to an increased chance of getting sick.

E-cigarettes can trigger smoking in teens

While electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are generally assumed to be less harmful, new research has found that teenagers who use these cigarettes are more likely to smoke conventional cigarettes, cigars and hookahs over the next year compared with nonusers.

Bidi smoking is equally hazardous as cigarette smoking

Government Friday said that 'Bidi' smoking is equally hazardous as cigarette smoking even as it contains one-fourth of the tobacco found in cigarette.

Cannabis use may lead to weight gain: Study

Long-term cannabis use may lead to weight gain, especially among men, says a new research.

DNA: AIIMS doctor removes both kidneys of minor, claims she had only one

Defying his own hospital’s report, which showed complications in one of the kidneys of a six-year-old girl, a doctor at AIIMS allegedly removed both the kidneys and later claimed that the patient had just one. The hospital has denied having knowledge of the incident.

Raising legal age to 21 may cut cigarette smoking

Increasing the minimum age to buy cigarettes to 21 could help decrease the prevalence of tobacco use and save lives, a new US study has claimed.

Hookah smoking may lead to cigarette addiction in teens

 A new study has revealed that Hookah smoking may increases the risk of cigarette smoking subsequently in adolescents.

Women smoking since young age at chronic period pain risk

Women who get into the habit of smoking at a tender age are exposed to a heightened risk of developing chronic period pain, according to a new study.

Smoking ups risk of developing second cancer

A large study has found that cigarette smoking prior to the first diagnosis of lung (stage I), bladder, kidney or head and neck cancer increases the risk of developing a second smoking-associated cancer.

Overweight teens likelier to pick up smoking

A new study has suggested that overweight or obese teenagers are likelier to become regular smokers as compared to average weight teens.

Obese women who smoke gulp more sugary food

Are you obese and enjoy your puff too? You may end up eating more sugary food items, adding more kilos to body fat.

Varun Dhawan warns fans against smoking

He might be just one film old, but actor Varun Dhawan knows the impact a movie character can have on fans. Therefore, he has urged his fans not to copy him when he smokes on screen.

Gwyneth Paltrow allows herself one cigarette per week

Gwyneth Paltrow tries to control her smoking habit by having one cigarette a week.

Even light smoking ups sudden cardiac death risk in women

Scientists, led by an Indian-origin researcher, have found that women who are even light-to-moderate smokers may be significantly more likely to suffer sudden cardiac death as compared to non-smokers.

Even a single cigarette can be hazardous to young adults

A new study has revealed that smoking even a single cigarette can impair health for young people.

Ciggie smoking ‘increases colorectal cancer risk’

People who smoke cigarettes over a long period of time have an increased risk for developing colorectal cancer, says a new study.