Vaping `cherry` e-cigarettes riskier than other flavours

Electronic cigarettes come in enticing flavours like "cherry crush" and "vivid vanilla," but now a team of researchers has shed some light on whether or not those ingredients are safe enough for the lungs.

E-cigarettes not helping people quit smoking: Study

Electronic cigarettes that are widely promoted and used to help smokers quit traditional cigarettes are not assisting much in this task, says a new study.

Smokers, e- cigarettes can harm human cells

If you were thinking that electronic cigarettes are harmful for your health, then a recent study reveals that they can damage cells in ways that could lead to cancer and this damage can occur even with nicotine-free versions of the product.

Teens giving cigarettes, alcohol the go-by for fruits, veggies

The change in attitude can be traced back to stricter attitudes towards drinking and smoking among parents, public health drives and a clampdown on under-age sales by newsagents and off-licences.

Egypt destroys 20 newly found tunnels along border with Gaza

The army says the tunnels were found and destroyed in November. The announcement came on its official Facebook page on Monday. There were no further details.

Over 21 percent use tobacco in Himachal, says minister

 The state has stepped up efforts to sustain the smoke-free status.

Himachal bans sale of loose cigarettes

The state of Himachal Pradesh has banned sale of loose cigarettes and bidis.

Smoking, an escape to `drowse-free` alcoholism

Researchers have found that nicotine cancels out the sleep-inducing effects of alcohol.

Burgers, sausages as big a cancer threat as cigarettes!

The World Health Organisation is to list processed meat as among the most cancer-causing substances, putting it on a par with asbestos and arsenic, according to reports.

How e-cigarettes, water pipes may lead to increased tobacco use

A recent study has revealed that the use of e-cigarettes and alternative tobacco products may lead to increased tobacco use.

Reduced-nicotine cigarettes cuts urge of smoking

A new study has revealed that reduced-nicotine cigarettes decrease the dependence and frequency of smoking.

Quit smoking to stay sober

 If you are trying to stop drinking, giving up cigarettes would help you stay sober, suggests new research.

Fuel, liquor, cigarettes to cost more in Maharashtra

In its efforts to raise more funds for tackling drought in the state, Maharashtra government has decided to levy a surcharge of Rs 2 on petrol and diesel while VAT on liquor, cigarettes and beverages have also been raised by 5 per cent.

Beware! Smoking can make you diabetic

 Smoking cigarettes or breathing in second-hand tobacco smoke significantly increases the risk of Type-2 diabetes, warns a new study.

E-cigarettes new smoking gateway for teenagers: Study

 Young people who smoke electronic cigarettes are considerably more likely to start smoking traditional cigarettes within a year than their peers who do not smoke e-cigarettes, new research shows.

Unsafe storage of e-cigarettes could be deadly for kids

If you are using e-cigarettes, make sure to keep the liquid mixture of nicotine and other compounds away from the reach of children, new research suggests.

Youngsters believe hookahs, e-cigarettes safer than cigarettes

A new study has suggested that young adults under 25 believe hookah and e-cigarettes are safer than cigarettes, when compared to 25 to 34-year-olds.

Young adults think hookah, e-cigarettes safer than cigarettes

 Young adults under 25 are more likely to believe that hookah and e-cigarettes are safer than cigarettes, a new US study has found.

E-cigarette vapor can reduce cough reflex sensitivity

A new study has claimed that single use of an e-cigarette can diminish the sensitivity of cough reflex.

Nicotine changes marijuana's effect on brain

Although individuals who use marijuana plus tobacco have smaller a hippocampus, their memory function is greater.