CPI-M calls Paris accord 'deeply flawed'

The CPI-M on Thursday called the Paris climate pact "deeply flawed", and accused the Indian government of bowing "to the US designs in imposition of huge constraints" on New Delhi.

Obama thanks Modi for India's critical role in climate deal

US President Barack Obama called up Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday to thank him for his positive role and leadership in the successful outcome of the UN climate change conference in Paris.

Joyful ministers seal landmark Paris Agreement to stop global warming

Cheering envoys from 195 nations approved in Paris Saturday a historic accord to stop global warming, offering hope that humanity can avert catastrophic climate change and usher in an energy revolution.


Climate deal: India welcomes final draft after French Prez apprises Modi of latest talks

Climate deal: India welcomes final draft after French Prez apprises Modi of latest talks

Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar said the differentiation between developed and developing countries, which India has been demanding, is mentioned across all the pillars of action including mitigation, adaptation, finance and access to technology.

Climate pledges: Who promised what?

Climate pledges: Who promised what?

Some 185 countries submitted pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions ahead of UN climate talks aiming to close on Friday with a historic climate deal.

Beijing smog highlights climate deal urgency: China

The hazardous smog enveloping Beijing highlights the urgency for a deal at the Paris summit to cope with climate change, China on Tuesday said as it acknowledged that the recurring smog could be due to its rapid economic growth.

UN climate talks race to complete climate-saving draft

India and US are working in a "constructive way" for a climate deal that is comfortable to both, a top American official has said, as negotiators from 195 nations today race to secure a blueprint that will form the base of the most complex global accord ever attempted.

Climate pact an 'act of defiance' after Paris attacks: Obama

Climate pact an 'act of defiance' after Paris attacks: Obama

Obama used his speech to over 150 world leaders to salute Paris and its people for "insisting this crucial conference go on" just two weeks after the attacks. 

Political mood good for climate deal: France's Fabius

Despite "extremely complex" issues, the political mood for reaching a global climate deal this year is stronger than ever, says French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.

US hoping for development in climate negotiations with India

US hoping for development in climate negotiations with India

The United States is hoping to make significant progress in climate negotiations with India ahead of a major UN conference taking place later this year in Paris, a senior White House official has said.

New climate deal addressed demands of developing nations: India

India on Sunday hailed the outcome of the climate summit here, saying the deal reached has addressed the concerns of the developing countries and given them enough space to grow and take appropriate nationally determined steps to combat global warming.

India working with developing nations to push for climate deal

India working with developing nations to push for climate deal

India Tuesday said the developing nations, including China, are on the same page on several issues regarding climate and they will work together to push for the conclusion of a historic agreement to be signed next year in Paris to curb potentially disastrous global warming.

India should take lead on climate change: UK official

In the wake of the ground-breaking deal on reducing emissions signed earlier this week between the US and China, a top UK official today said that her country wants to "see India there in the lead, showing direction" on climate change issues.

US-China climate deal not so ambitious: India

New Delhi: India was Friday not too impressed by the "mutual" climate deal reached between the US and China, saying it was "not so ambitious" but welcomed the American decision to cut carbon emissions with immediate effect as a "good beginning" in dealing with climate change.

After US-China climate deal, focus on India to follow suit

After this week`s carbon deal between the United States and China, No. 3 emitter India faces growing pressure to devise a clear strategy and step out of China`s shadow during pivotal global climate talks.

UN summit extends talks to push for new deal on climate change

Environment ministers from more than 190 countries including India Friday extended negotiations on a final push at the UN climate summit here to lay the groundwork for a deal to tackle global warming.

No climate deal unless firms join push: UN

The world has no chance of sealing an emissions cut deal unless companies lobby their governments for an accord, the UN climate chief told the global business elite in Davos today.

No climate deal without all aboard: US

The Kyoto Protocol required only wealthy nations to cut carbon emissions blamed for global warming.

‘Slim prospects for climate deal this year’

Prospects of finalising a new binding agreement on climate change by the end of the year are "slim", according to UN climate convention chief Yvo de Boer.

Asian leaders voice hope in climate deal

Asian nations on Sunday welcomed the
provisional climate change deal struck by the major powers at
the UN summit in Copenhagen, saying it paved the way for
consensus over carbon emissions cuts.