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China 'clone factory' scientist eyes human replication

China 'clone factory' scientist eyes human replication

Boyalife Group and its partners are building the giant plant in the northern Chinese port of Tianjin, where it is due to go into production within the next seven months and aims for an output of one million cloned cows a year by 2020.

Scientists clone rare cashmere goat

Scientists said Thursday they have cloned a rare Himalayan goat in Indian-controlled Kashmir.

Four clones created of Dolly, the sheep!

Prof Campbell has claimed to have created four more sheep who are exact genetic duplicates of Dolly.

Chinese scientists clone cashmere goat

Chinese scientists have
successfully cloned over a dozen goats which produce the world
famous cashmere fibre used to make high-end garments.

World`s first cloned wolf dies: Researcher

One of the world`s first two cloned wolves has died from an apparent infection, a professor who produced the clones almost four years ago said on Tuesday.