Pollution closes more beaches in California

A four-mile stretch of coastline south of Los Angeles was closed Thursday as workers cleared up tar balls from beaches, in the latest such shutdown in the last few weeks, officials said.

China's new 'Great Wall' not so great

China's second great wall, a vast seawall covering more than half of the country's mainland coastline, may be a foundation for economic growth but it can also result ecological disasters that can extend beyond China, says a study.

1000 amphibious marine commandos to guard Guj coastline

To protect its 1,600-km long coastline, Gujarat is all set to deploy an elite force of 1,000 'amphibious' marine commandos at strategic locations for surveillance at sea and the coast against threats like infiltration and drug trafficking, a first such initiative in the country.

Gujarat to promote seaweed cultivation

The state-run GLPC has joined hands with CSMCRI to encourage seaweed cultivation along the state coast.

Fishermen ask PM to cancel n-projects in coastal areas

National Fishworker`s Forum wrote to PM, asking for immediate cancellation of proposed nuclear power plants on the coastline.

`Mars may have a coastline like Greenland`

Early in its history, Mars may have a cold glacier-rimmed ocean covering its northern lowlands.

New rocket weapons system to guard Indian coasts

DRDO`s Chandipur-based Proof and Experimental
Establishment (PXE) is testing the 4-km range 140mm rockets
that can accurately target the smaller boats and sink them.

Cyclone Phet hits Pakistan`s coastline, 10 killed

Heavy rains and winds lashed Pakistan, leaving thousands homeless.

Oil stains 100 miles of Louisiana coastline: Governor

Oil from the giant slick in the Gulf of Mexico has now soiled more than 160 kilometres of Louisiana coastline, the state`s governor has said, more than doubling the previous estimate.

Antony calls for securing coasts, island territories

Defence Minister AK Antony on Thursday said that the government attached "highest priority" to coastal defence.

Capacity building of people near shore, surveying of coastline

In a first-ever exercise, the
country`s 7500-km-long coastline will be surveyed to demarcate areas vulnerable to sea erosion, high tide and waves in order
to help government take measures.

‘ICG planning 42 coast guard stations across coastline’

The Indian Coast Guard (ICG)
is planning to have 42 stations across the 7,500-km-long
coastline for effective monitoring of maritime borderline, its
Director General and vice-admiral Anil Chopra, said on Wednesday.