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Cobalt-60 finally removed from Mexican cornfield

Mexico`s nuclear safety director says workers have succeeded in safely removing a shipment of radioactive cobalt-60 that had sat in a cornfield for almost a week after being abandoned by thieves.

Mexico finds stolen radioactive material outside box

Mexican authorities found a stolen medical device containing dangerous radioactive material outside the truck that was carrying it north of Mexico City, threatening the life of those who touched it, officials said.

UGC guidelines for using radioactive elements

University Grants Commission
(UGC) has issued guidelines to varsities on use and safe
disposal of radioactive elements.

Two Cobalt-60 patients to be discharged from hospital

Two patients, who were admitted
to the Army Research and Referral Hospital last month after
being exposed to radiation from radioactive object in scrap,
are likely to be discharged soon.

DU panel to probe disposal of Cobalt-60 from campus

Delhi University has constituted a
committee headed by a retired professor to probe the disposal
of radioactive material Cobalt-60 from its campus, with a
report expected in a month`s time.

Experts recover all Cobalt-60 source from Delhi

Radiation Emergency Response team has recovered all the radioactive Cobalt-60 sources from Delhi.

Experts search Mayapuri scrap yard for radiation sources

Experts continued their searches
at Mayapuri scrap market where radioactive Cobalt-60, exposure
to which has claimed one life and injuries to six others, was
recovered a month ago.

IAEA asks India to account for radioactive material accident

The UN nuclear watchdog on Saturday demanded an explanation from India for a fatal accident involving radioactive material.

Inquiring into how Cobalt-60 reached scrap dealer: Dikshit

Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Thursday said her government is inquiring into how a radioactive material reached a scrap dealer from Delhi University.

Deadly Cobalt-60 came from Delhi University

The origin of Cobalt-60 found in west Delhi`s Mayapuri has been traced to DU`s Chemistry Dept.

Cobalt-60 found from person`s purse at Delhi hospital

Radioactive Cobalt-60 was on Friday found from possession of an individual at a private hospital in West Delhi by members of National Disaster Management team.

Radiation leak: Did Cobalt-60 come from abroad?

As investigators groped for clues
to find the source of Cobalt-60 that created panic in West
Delhi, the possibility of the nuclear material being part of
some imported industrial waste is not being ruled out.

Police in dark over origin of Cobalt-60, await Jain`s recovery

Police is yet to trace the origin
of Cobalt-60, the radioactive material that caused serious
injuries to six persons and are awaiting the recovery of the
owner of the scrap shop from where it was found to get more clarity.