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How cockroach `turbocharges` bite

 The study indicates that cockroaches use a combination of fast and slow twitch muscle fibers to give their mandibles a 'force boost' that allows them to chew through tough materials.

TN: Cockroach found in milk packet

A cockroach found in Aavin milk packet triggered shock and surprise among the consumers in the city.

Cockroach from dinosaur era was fearsome night-time hunter

A 100-million-year-old cockroach specimen found preserved in amber is part of a new family of extinct predatory cockroaches that hunted at night, scientists say.

Exposure to mouse can cause more asthma-related issues in children than cockroach

 Scientists have found that exposure to mouse could cause more asthma-related emergency department visits for children than exposure to cockroach.

Scientists discover 39 new cockroach species in US and Mexico

Scientists have discovered 39 new species of endemic desert cockroaches from the southwestern US and Mexico.

This cockroach crawls after 49 million year break

That a species of cockroach found only in text books has made an appearance after a 49-million-year hiatus can actually make the skin of the strongest man crawl!

BJP calls Khurshid `cockroach` after his `Narendra Modi a frog` remark

The Bharatiya Janata Party hit back at External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid for his `frog` jibe at Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

Roaches evolving to avoid sugary baits

Cockroach loses its sweet tooth! A strain of cockroaches have outsmarted human efforts to kill them by evolving taste buds that make sweet insecticide baits taste bitter, scientists have found.

300m-year-old `ancestor of the cockroaches` recreated

Scientists have recreated 305 million-year-old insects which they claim were early ancestors of the cockroach.

Indian restaurant fined for cockroach infestation in Oz

An Indian takeaway restaurant in Sydney has been slapped with a fine of over 97,000 Australian dollar.

Cockroach essential to earth`s delicate ecosystem

People need to stop stamping on cockroaches, as one of the most despised of all insects is essential to our planet for converting nitrogen into fertiliser, experts have said.

Cockroaches could help combat E.coli

Powerful antibiotic molecules in cockroach and locust tissues can counter MRSA and E.coli bugs.

Cockroaches could help combat E.coli

Powerful antibiotic molecules in cockroach and locust tissues can counter MRSA and E.coli bugs.

Cockroach ancestor

Scientists have unveiled an early ancestor of the cockroach.

Heathcliffe: World`s Heaviest Insect

Heathcliffe, a giant burrowing cockroach, could be the world’s heaviest insect. The cockroach, 85mm in length and 40mm in width, gives birth to live young ones, unlike other members of its family who lay eggs.