Vladimir Putin igniting dangerous nationalist fervor: US general

Russian President Vladimir Putin`s military intervention in Ukraine is fanning nationalist sentiments that could spread across the region with dangerous, unpredictable consequences, the US military`s top officer said.

US judge strikes down Colorado`s gay marriage ban, stays ruling

A federal judge ruled on Wednesday that Colorado`s ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional, but stayed his ruling until the issue is decided by a higher court.

US teen arrested after falling in love with ISIS terrorist online

A 19-year-old Colorado girl was arrested by the FBI after she was reportedly trying to join her lover in Syria, who is a radical ISIS militant.

Lucky escape after plane smashes into US home

A small plane smashed into a Colorado home, but the pilot was able to walk away and no one else was injured, US authorities said.

No survivors expected in US plane crash: Official

Authorities believe there are no survivors after a small plane crashed into a reservoir in the US.

Colorado made $3.5 million in marijuana tax in first month

Marijuana sales in Colorado brought in $3.5 million in tax revenues and fees in the first month retail pot outlets were allowed, the western US state said Monday.

Marijuana no more dangerous than alcohol, says Barack Obama

US President Barack Obama has reportedly said that smoking `marijuana no more dangerous than alcohol.`

America`s first marijuana stores open in Colorado

Marijuana users celebrated Wednesday as Colorado became the first US state to allow retail cannabis sales, putting it in the vanguard of efforts across the country to legalize the drug.

US state of Colorado allows sale of cannabis

Colorado has become the first US state to allow stores to sell cannabis for recreational use, media reported Wednesday.

Colorado student wounded in school shooting, dies

A 17-year-old Colorado student shot in the head earlier this month by a gunman at her high school died on Saturday at a hospital with her family at her side, the facility and her family said.

Colorado school shooting victim remains in critical condition

A 17-year-old Colorado high school senior shot in the head by a heavily-armed classmate who stormed Arapahoe High School in suburban Denver remained in critical condition on Sunday, the county sheriff said.

Police in Colorado probe motives of dead high school gunman

Police on Saturday sought to learn why a teenager stormed through his suburban Denver school with a shotgun and Molotov cocktails, opening fire on a fellow student before taking his own life in the latest burst of US school gun violence.

Student opens fire in Colorado school, wounds two classmates

In yet another school shooting incident in the US, a student opened fire inside a high school in Colorado, US, wounding two before apparently taking his own life.

US: 6-year-old boy suspended from school for kissing a girl

The suspension of a 6-year-old boy for kissing a girl at school is raising questions about whether the peck should be considered sexual harassment.

Prosecutors seek new sanity evaluation for James Holmes

Prosecutors in the Colorado theatre shooting case want defendant James Holmes to undergo another sanity evaluation, suggesting the first evaluation might have found he was insane.

Colorado floods: Seven confirmed dead, 1,500 homes destroyed

Seven people were confirmed dead and at least 1,500 homes destroyed in Colorado after a week of rare, torrential rains along the eastern slopes of the Rockies, and helicopter search-and-rescue flights resumed on Monday in flood-stricken areas.

More rain hampers Colorado flood rescue efforts

The search for people stranded from the Rocky Mountain foothills to the plains of northeastern Colorado has grown more difficult, with a new wave of rain hampering airlifts from the flooded areas still out of reach.

Hundreds missing in Colorado floods

Hundreds of people remained missing and at least four were confirmed dead Saturday in one of the worst floods hitting the US state of Colorado in three decades, Al Jazeera reported.

Colorado floods force evacuations in Boulder, neighbouring areas

While the rescue operations are on, the residents of Boulder and its nearby areas have been asked to move to a safer place after heavy floods devastated Colorado on Friday.

Nepal arrests 2 men in case of missing US trekker

Police in Nepal said on Saturday that have arrested two men suspected of being involved in the 2010 disappearance of a 23-year-old American woman.