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It`s official! Comet ISON`s dead

Comet ISON, once called the comet of the century, couldn`t survive the close brush with the sun, it has been revealed.

Geminid meteor shower to light up December sky

The 2013 Geminid Meteor Shower is all set to light up the sky with a remarkable display of cosmic fireworks beginning Thursday, December 4.

Comet ISON confirmed dead by NASA

Comet ISON, dubbed the `Comet of the Century` could not survive the close encounter with the Sun on Thanksgiving, NASA confirmed on Tuesday.

Jury still out on fate of Comet ISON post `fiery` sun encounter

Scientists are working to determine and to understand the fate of Comet ISON as it moves away from the sun.

Post `resurrection` Comet ISON fading away fast

According to astronomers, Comet ISON which showed signs of revival after initially being declared dead post its close encounter with the sun on Thanksgiving is fading out fast.

See GIF image of comet ISON’s encounter with the Sun

NASA has released a GIF image of comet ISON’s momentous brush with the Sun on Thanksgiving Day.

`Zombie` comet ISON may be back from the dead

A smaller, paler version of Comet ISON may have survived incineration in the sun`s corona and may be brightening, scientists said on Friday.

Comet ISON may have survived its solar flyby

Comet ISON may not have broken apart and evaporated in the fierce heat and crushing gravity of the sun before or during a close flyby Thursday.

Comet ISON vanishes as it circles the sun

Comet ISON appears to have flown too close to the surface of the sun Thursday and vanished as it circled the fiery surface, astronomers said.

Ten interesting facts about Comet ISON

As astronomers speculate the fate of Comet ISON, here are a few fun facts about the much anticipated comet also called the `Comet of the century`.

NASA keeps close watch as Comet ISON nears sun

Comet ISON will reach the perihelion approximately around 1835 GMT on Thursday, November 28.

Watch: NASA`s latest video showing Comet ISON approaching Sun

NASA`s STEREO-A spacecraft has captured the best footage yet of Comet ISON hurtling towards the Sun for a close encounter on Thanksgiving.

Comet ISON to zip past Sun at 1.3 mn km/h on Thanksgiving

Astronomers and amateur sky-gazers are waiting with bated breaths as the Comet ISON hurtles towards the Sun for a close encounter on Thanksgiving.

NASA releases GIF image of comet ISON

Images of comets ISON and 2P/Encke on their journey through the solar system have been released by the US space agency.

Comet ISON brightening up as it nears sun

The highly anticipated Comet ISON is brightening fast just days from its fateful hairpin turn on November 28th around the broiling surface of the Sun.

US micro-observatory captures images of comet ISON

A retired teacher Bruce Mellin has clicked new pictures of comet ISON with the help of MicroObservatory`s "Donald" telescope in Arizona.

NASA`s Hubble sees Comet ISON still intact

A new image of the sunward plunging Comet ISON taken by NASA`s Hubble Space Telescope suggests that the comet is still intact despite predictions that it may disintegrate as the Sun warms it.

Is the `Christmas Comet` cracking up?

An incoming comet that skygazers had hoped would provide one of the greatest celestial shows of the century, could be a fizzle.

Comet ISON may be dying, research reveals

Comet ISON may actually be disintegrating, a new research has revealed.

New method that predicts changes in comets` rotational states identified

Researchers have discovered a new method that can help them predict the changes in the rotational states of comets.