Hacker `command` servers seized in US: Microsoft

Microsoft today said that cyber crime "command" servers in two US states were seized in an ongoing campaign.

Gen Petraeus hands over command in Afghanistan

Gen David Petraeus handed over command of the Afghan war to Marine Gen. John Allen on Monday as the U.S. and its international partners prepare to withdraw over the next few years.

NATO set to take command of Libya campaign

Turkey, NATO`s sole major Muslim member, opposes Western-led air strikes.

Navy officer to be relieved of command

Navy officer who showed raunchy videos to the crew is expected to be relieved of his command.

Command of joint-forces should be with Centre: Trinamool

In the wake of the Maoist strike
in which 24 EFR jawans were killed in West Bengal, Trinamool
Congress on Thursday demanded that the command of the state`s joint
forces be vested in the hands of the Centre.

Navy chief bid farewell by western command

The Western Naval Command bid farewell to Admiral Sureesh Mehta, chief of the naval staff and chairman of the chiefs of staff committee, at a function here Thursday morning.