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In India intolerant are called liberal: Taslima Nasreen

In India intolerant are called liberal: Taslima Nasreen

Known for criticising the pseudo ideology prevalent in Indian political system, noted Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen on Sunday said that the definitions of communism, secularism and liberalism have been misconstrued in India.

Ronald Reagan apologized to Margaret Thatcher for Grenada invasion

Former US president Ronald Reagan personally apologized to Margaret Thatcher when US troops in 1983 secretly invaded Grenada, a Commonwealth island state in the Caribbean, according to newly-released tapes.

Ukraine accuses Russia of opening new front before leaders` meeting

Ukraine accused Russia on Monday of sending soldiers across the border to open a new front in the separatist war that has devastated the east of the country and provoked the gravest East-West crisis since the fall of Communism.

Philippine troops kill 6 communist rebels

The Philippine military says at least six communist guerrillas and one government militiaman have been killed in the latest clash.

No radical shift in Nawaz Sharif govt`s new anti-terror strategy

The newly elected Nawaz Sharif government`s yet to be unveiled counter-terrorism policy will renew commitment to fight terror.

Beatles` cultural revolution behind break-up of USSR, says ex-spy

A former spy has revealed that John Lennon and Paul McCartney promoted a cultural revolution among the Soviet youth, which played a part in the demolition of communism in the USSR.

Milos Zeman inaugurated as new Czech president

Milos Zeman has been inaugurated as the third Czech president since the collapse of communism, succeeding conservative Vaclav Klaus.

Attraction towards communism doesn`t make one a terrorist: Bombay HC

Mere attraction towards communist ideology cannot be sufficient ground to declare individuals as members of a terrorist group, the Bombay High Court said.

CPI(M) not following models in other countries: Yechury

Sitaram Yechury on Saturday said the path of revolution and social transformation in the country would be based on concrete Indian conditions.

Communist movement won`t fail in India: Karat

Communist movement in India will not fall back despite "attacks" and "conspiracies", CPM general secretary Prakash Karat said.

China blog site shuts accounts over 'rumours'

China's most popular microblogging site has launched a crackdown on what it says is use of its service to spread false rumors after the Communist Party told Internet companies to tighten control over information.

Clashes as workers across the world march on May Day

Hundreds of thousands of people joined May Day marches across the world on Saturday, as police and protestors clashed in debt-riven Greece and a bomb killed a World War II veteran in Russia.

Tito`s grandson seeks return of Communism

Thirty years after the death of former Yugoslav communist stalwart Josip Broz Tito, his grandson and namesake Josip Broz has begun the uphill task of resurrecting his grandfather`s ideals.

Czechs celebrate fall of communism 20 years ago

With their country in deep political crisis, Czechs will take to the streets throughout the country Tuesday to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the end of decades of repressive communist rule.


When Marco Polo visited China in 13th Century, he was awestruck. Its cities and way of life seemed eons ahead of what he had witnessed in Europe.


When Marco Polo visited China in 13th Century, he was awestruck. Its cities and way of life seemed eons ahead of what he had witnessed in Europe.

China marks 60 years with spectacle of power

Beijing is celebrating China`s s ascendance, 60 years after Mao proclaimed its embrace of communism.

Pope visits Czech Republic 20 years after fall of Communism

Pope Benedict XVI will pay his second visit to eastern Europe when he travels to the Czech Republic for a three-day visit beginning on Saturday, as the region marks the 20th anniversary of the fall of communism.

Philippines arrests senior rebel leader ahead of talks

A senior communist guerrilla leader has been arrested ahead of planned peace talks with the Philippines government, the two sides said on Monday.