UK scientists developing computer to predict accurate weather

British computer scientists have been working on three new projects aimed at unlocking the potential of cutting-edge computer processors which could contribute to applications including more accurate weather predictions.

Hipster or Goth: New algorithm identifies your urban tribe

Computers may soon be able to tell from your photos which "urban tribe" - hipsters, bikers, surfers or goth - you belong to, scientists say.

New 3-D imaging technique developed

Scientists have developed a new 3-D imaging technique that allows for more accurate approximations of the shapes of the original objects.

IBM creates computer powered by `electronic blood`

IBM has unveiled a prototype of its new brain-inspired computer that is fed by "electronic blood."

Will.I.Am returns to school

Black Eyed Peas star Will.I.Am is going back to school this year to study computer science.

Scientists use computer science to crack Indus Valley script

A team of Indian and American researchers is using mathematics and computer science to try to piece together information about the still-unknown script of the Indus Valley civilisation, which dates back to 4,000 years.