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Heavyweight Audley Harrison retires from boxing

Heavyweight Audley Harrison retires from boxing

Former boxing golden boy Audley Harrison is to retire for the second time in his career due to problems associated with head injuries sustained in the ring.

FIFA and other groups sued in US over concussions

FIFA and other groups sued in US over concussions

A group of parents sued several soccer organizations including the sport`s international governing body FIFA, saying they have failed to do more about concussions among children.

Obama: when it comes to head injuries in sports, don`t just ``suck it up``

President Barack Obama said on Thursday more effort is needed to prevent concussions in young athletes, including greater awareness of the severity of head injuries, which are too often dismissed as headaches instead of serious brain trauma.

Concussions: Men recover later than women

Men may take longer to recover and show more brain damage than women do in concussions, according to a study.

Concussions may lead to Alzheimer`s

Elderly with a history of concussions - involving at least a momentary loss of consciousness - may have higher amounts of toxic brain protein linked with Alzheimer`s disease, a new study has found.

Dietary amino acids can relieve sleep problems after traumatic brain injury

Sleep problems impair attention and memory formation in TBI patients, who have a higher rate of functional disability and a higher cost of rehabilitation.

Concussions may speed up brain ageing: Study

Concussions and even lesser head impacts may accelerate the brain`s natural ageing process, a new study has claimed.