Millions fled homes in 2013 due to religious beliefs: US

Conflicts and repression around the world in 2013 triggered the largest displacement of religious communities in recent memory, a US report said today, revealing millions had fled their homes.

How conflict affects women`s reproductive health

Gender-based violence, sexually transmitted infections including HIV, and maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity all flourish in times of conflict, says a review, suggesting clinicians need to be sensitive and aware of the unique challenges of women`s reproductive health needs in such times.

Psychology research can be used to promote peace: Study

Understanding of psychology has been able to highlight the causes of war and conflict, however, research of the same subject can also be used to promote peace and overturn conflict, a new study has revealed.

Maldives apologetic over anti-India remarks

After anti-India remarks were made by a key presidential aide, Maldives has apologised as USD 514-million airport project by Indian company GMR became a target of political football in Male.

Shooting of US embassy car accidental: Lawyer

Mexican federal police shot at a US diplomatic car as they chased criminals south of Mexico City on Friday.

Mexico shooting: Two US govt employees injured

The Toyota sport utility vehicle was riddled with bullets, most concentrated around the passenger-side window.

US diplomatic staff `harassed` in Pakistan

American diplomats complain of delays in approving and extending visas and of being detained at check points.

Score-settling after Libya`s war casts shadow

A Western diplomat said Libya`s new leaders need to come out more strongly against the culture of revenge.

Al-Jazeera anchorwomen quit in clothing spat: Reports

Five female news presenters at the
pan-Arab Al-Jazeera satellite television channel have resigned
over conflicts with management over dress code and other issues.

Every war cloud has its silver lining: World Bank

The maxim “every cloud has its silver lining” seems to hold true even for some of the worst conflict affected regions.