Anti-EU UK Independence Party wins by-election for Parliament

Anti-EU UK Independence Party on Friday won its first British Parliament berth barely seven months before the general elections as its leader asserted that the country's politics has been shaken by the party's triumph.

Formal countdown begins for Scottish vote that could break up United Kingdom

The formal campaign for a Scottish independence vote that could result in the break-up of the United Kingdom began on Friday, though polls currently show Scots are unlikely to vote for the demise of the 307-year-old union with England.

Voters in California contemplate forming new state

Residents of California`s largely agrarian and politically conservative far northern counties, feeling out of sync with their counterparts in major urban areas, are contemplating breaking away to become America`s 51st state.

Menzies quits as ministerial aide over tabloid allegations

Conservative parliamentarian Mark Menzies has resigned from his post as a ministerial aide following allegations of gay sex by a Brazilian male escort.

British Conservative MP arrested on suspicion of rape

A top British Conservative MP has been arrested on suspicion of rape and sexual assault from Pendleton in Lancashire.

John Lennon was closet conservative, Ronald Reagan’s fan

John Lennon’s former personal assistant has revealed that the Beatles star was a closet conservative and a fan of Ronald Reagan.

Conservative Indonesia minister avoids Michelle

All of Indonesia is welcoming President Barack Obama, but one minister has a decidedly less friendly message.

Abbott makes plea in Australia political impasse

Tony Abbott told 3 lawmakers will decide if he should become PM.

Reagan son launches `first conservative email service`

Former American President Ronald
Reagan`s son Michael Reagan has launched what he claims the
very first "conservative email service" which will help
promote "true Reagan values".

Tory-Lib Dems alliance has `common agenda`: Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron has said it is going to be a difficult year.

Britain may default on debt: Opposition

Britain`s record level of borrowing during the recession could lead the government defaulting on its debt, media reports said on Wednesday quoting Conservative leader David Cameron.

Party Won Trends Swing
BJP 122 122 76
SHS 63 63 19
INC 42 42 -40
NCP 41 41 -21
MNS 1 1 -12
OTH 19 19 -22
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Constituency Wise Results
Party Won Trends Swing
BJP 47 47 43
INLD 19 19 -12
INC 15 15 -25
HJCBL 2 2 -4
OTH 7 7 -2
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Constituency Wise Results