Belief in 'free will' may give conservatives an edge for 'self-control'

A new study has revealed that conservatives showed a greater aptitude for certain aspects of self-control than liberals, performing better on tasks that test persistence and attention regulation.

Mayor Boris Johnson denied seat in UK`s new cabinet

 Mayor of London Boris Johnson, newly elected to parliament with ambitions to one day lead Britain, was on Monday appointed to a senior political role but not to a seat in Prime Minister David Cameron`s new cabinet.

Tony Blair says UK's Labour must reclaim centre ground

 Britain`s Labour Party must return to the political centre ground if it is to rebuild support after suffering a crushing defeat in Thursday`s general election, former Labour prime minister Tony Blair said in an article published on Sunday.

Shock election highlights quirks of UK voting system

 Scotland`s nationalists were seen as winners in Britain`s election and the UK Independence Party losers -- but the latter won more support, highlighting peculiarities in the voting system that are prompting calls for change.

David Cameron: Man who proved all predictions wrong

David Cameron, who became Britain's youngest prime minister since 1812 when he won elections in 2010, today surprised everyone by securing a majority for the Conservatives against all odds to allow his party to govern alone for the first time in more than two decades.

Left-wing firebrand Galloway loses seat in British vote

A colourful left-wing politician nicknamed "Gorgeous George" Galloway suffered a disaster in Britain`s election as he lost his seat on Friday and was reported to police for breaking election rules.

UK's David Cameron returning to power, Labour routed in Scotland
UK's David Cameron returning to power, Labour routed in Scotland

Prime Minister David Cameron`s Conservatives are set to govern Britain for another five years after an unexpectedly strong showing, but may have to grapple with renewed calls for Scottish independence after nationalists surged.

UK's Conservatives, Labour level in Ashcroft poll as voting starts

 Britain`s ruling Conservatives and opposition Labour were tied on 33 percent in the final national opinion poll from Lord Ashcroft on Thursday as voting was under way.

Labour and Conservatives tied again ahead of UK election - YouGov poll

Prime Minister David Cameron`s Conservatives and the opposition Labour Party are tied at 34 percent popular support ahead of Britain`s general election on Thursday, according to a YouGov opinion poll for the Sun newspaper published on Wednesday.

Nationwide tour for British leaders ahead of election

 British leaders have commenced a campaigning marathon ahead of the May 7 general election, media reported on Tuesday.

UK`s Cameron makes last-minute push to hold onto power

 Accused of fighting a lacklustre election campaign, British Prime Minister David Cameron has turned up the passion in its dying days but risks having left it too late to convince voters.

British Elections: 'Cameron most liked leader, Labour lead Conservatives by one-point'
British Elections: 'Cameron most liked leader, Labour lead Conservatives by one-point'

Britain`s opposition Labour Party has taken a 1 percentage point lead over Prime Minister David Cameron`s Conservatives, according to a YouGov opinion poll published on Friday, though still within the poll`s margin of error.

Cameron turns up the passion on UK election trail

British Prime Minister David Cameron hit back Sunday at critics who claim his re-election campaign lacks passion, insisting he has the will to win a knife-edge poll on May 7.

David Miliband bookies' favourite to become British PM

British opposition leader Ed Miliband was the bookmakers' favourite on Thursday to become prime minister after the May 7 General Election.

Cameron's party leads one pre-election UK poll, but others suggest race still tied

Prime Minister David Cameron`s Conservatives have taken a six-point lead over the opposition Labour Party ahead of Britain`s May 7 election, an opinion poll showed on Monday, putting support for the centre-right party at a three-year high.

British PM Cameron's Conservatives lead Labour as UKIP falls: Poll

British Prime Minister David Cameron`s Conservatives took a two percentage point lead over the opposition Labour Party as support for the UK Independence Party fell ahead of the May 7 general election, an Opinium survey showed.

Polls hold clues on Britain`s election results

 With one month to go until Britain`s general election, experts are poring over opinion polls for clues about what will happen in the closest race in decades.

Uncertainty the only certainty a month before UK election

In one month, Britain votes in a general election likely to put the nail in the coffin of two party politics and herald an uncertain future of coalitions, alliances and horse-trading.

Top British lawmakers deny wrongdoing over "cash for access" report

Two former British foreign ministers have been filmed offering their services to a fictitious Chinese company in return for thousands of pounds, reigniting a damaging 2010 "cash for access" row just months before an election.

'Conservatives focusing on welfare reforms ahead of elections'

Prime Minister David Cameron on Tuesday said that if his Conservative party comes to power after the general election this year it would effect radical changes to benefit welfare schemes in the country.