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Contact lenses may alter eye's natural bacteria, says study

According to researchers, contact lenses make the eye microbiome more skin-like, with higher proportions of the skin bacteria and make them more prone to eye infections.

Stretchable device can lead to 'smart' contact lenses

Stretchable device can lead to 'smart' contact lenses

Researchers at Melbourne-based RMIT University and the University of Adelaide are creating a stretchable nano-scale device to manipulate light.

Eyewear brand Nau! launches green line

The green eyewear collection is made of 96 percent recycled plastic material and is in line with company`s commitment towards protecting the environment.

'Twilight'-inspired contact lenses prompt warning

Youngsters buying the lenses may wish to recreate the look of the Twilight films and Vampire Diaries TV show.

Wearing contact lenses may change eye bacteria

Wearing contact lenses daily may alter the eye microbiome, according to a new study which may explain why contact lens wearers are at increased risk of certain eye infections.

No one thought I was attractive: Julianne Moore

No one thought I was attractive: Julianne Moore

Actress Julianne Moore wasn't "perceived as pretty" until she swapped her glasses for contact lenses.

What causes discomfort among users of contact lenses

 If you are not comfortable wearing contact lenses, it could be due to degradation of the lipid layer in the eyes' natural tear film, says a study.

New vision-correcting display to soon replace specs

Scientists are developing vision-correcting display technology, which will help users with visual impairment to see text and images without wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses.

New vision-correcting display to replace glasses

You may soon be able to ditch your glasses and contact lenses, thanks to a new display technology that automatically addresses vision problems.

Five quick tips to keep your eyes healthy

Eyes are an essential part of your life, giving sight and yet we tend to ignore it very often. This can lead to a lot of problems and eyesight can deteriorate fast with neglect and age.

Antimicrobial peptide-coated contact lenses could help cut risks of infections

Researchers have said contact lenses coated with an antimicrobial peptide could help decrease the risk of contact lens-related infections.

Soon, contact lenses with night vision

Contact lenses with night vision could soon be available for all - thanks to a new development by researchers in the US using graphene lenses to sense "the full infrared spectrum" plus visible and ultraviolet light.

Nanodiamond-embedded contact lenses may help improve glaucoma treatment

In what could be a significant step toward improving the management of glaucoma, researchers have created a drug delivery system that may have less severe side effects than traditional glaucoma medication and improve patients` ability to comply with their prescribed treatments.

New electronic circuit for smart contact lenses

Scientists have developed an ultra-flexible electronic circuit that is tiny and thin enough to fit on the surface of a contact lens.

New `smart contact lenses` double up as personal physicians on move

Scientists have developed an ultra-flexible and transparent electronic circuit that could be used in the production of smart contact lenses.

Coming soon, smart contact lenses to give you superhuman vision!

A latest eyewear system made with a combination of glasses and contact lenses could reportedly allow the wearer to have superhuman vision by focusing on finer details of objects that are otherwise not visible to natural eye .

Now, contact lenses that float virtual screens in front of your eyes

A startup company has developed a high-tech contact lens which floats virtual screens filled with information in front of the wearer`s eyes.

Now, telescopic contact lenses that allow users to zoom in and out

A new type of contact lenses has been developed, which, when paired with special spectacles, bestow telescopic vision on the wearer.

Contact lenses with UV protection protects eyes from damage in summers

Doctors have said that people should use contact lenses with UV protection to protect their eyes from the sun`s dangerous rays.

Contact lens fungus damages British woman`s eye

A 42-year-old British woman has claimed her left eye was damaged by a fungus after she wore disposable contact lenses for a day.