The Changing Planet

While ‘change is the only constant’, climate change is one phenomenon the entire human race is trying to halt, or at least slow down.

India bailed out China from US-EU ambush at Copenhagen: Ramesh

India bailed out China from isolation during the Copenhagen climate talks, Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh said on Sunday.

Climate Change and Development

Undeniably, climate change is one of the greatest global challenges of our time.
Melting glaciers, changing rainfall patterns, flash floods, rising sea levels, inundation of small islands; the threat is real and it’s going to hit hard not just the poor but also the rich as their livelihoods would also come under increasing risk.

The Changing Planet

While ‘change is the only constant’, climate change is one phenomenon the entire human race is trying to halt, or at least slow down.

Procedure battles dominate future of UN climate talks

Efforts to revive UN climate talks
after last December`s Copenhagen Summit wrangled Saturday over
how to whip the arduous negotiation process towards a
post-2012 global treaty.

Failure at Copenhagen makes EU evolve new strategy

The failure to reach a deal at Copenhagen has prompted EU to evolve a fresh negotiating strategy on climate talks.

"India`s role positive in countering climate change"

India has been playing a very
constructive role in countering global climate change since
the Copenhagen summit on climate change, a top UK government
official said.

China alleges diplomatic snub at Copenhagen summit

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said he was snubbed at last year`s Copenhagen climate change conference and fired back on Sunday at critics who accuse China of arrogance.

Sarkozy calls for UN reform, blasts Copenhagen summit

French President Nicolas Sarkozy
on Thursday demanded reforms of the United Nations and urged
negotiations under a small group of countries to accelerate
efforts to fight climate change.

We can compete with the best in the world: PM

If we put our mind to it, we can work together as a nation and compete with the best in the world.

India must not lag behind in climate change initiatives: PM

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that taking the path of low greenhouse gas emissions was the only alternative and India "must not lag behind" on this.

Copenhagen accord a partial success: Jairam Ramesh

Jairam Ramesh has said that the accord at the recently held Copenhagen summit was not a failure.

Copenhagen treaty threatens Kyoto Protocol: Shyam Saran

India has said that the Copenhagen Accord opens a window for the burial of the Kyoto Protocol.

China defends Wen Jiabao`s role in Copenhagen talks

China on Friday defended the role played by premier Wen Jiabao at climate change talks in Copenhagen this month after a barrage of international criticism blaming China for obstructing negotiations.

We at least got non-binding targets from India, China: Obama

President Barack Obama says people are "justified" in being disappointed at the Copenhagen outcome, but at least he was able to secure non-binding agreements from what he called world`s would be largest emitters, India and China.

`New climate pact will be firmer against defaulters`

Top climate expert RK Pachauri
Wednesday said a "stronger and firmer" regime envisaging punitive
action against the defaulters awaits in a new climate treaty,
whenever it is framed.

Oppn slams climate deal; Govt says won`t hurt sovereignty

Faced with a strident attack from
Opposition over the Copenhagen climate deal, the government asserted that the Accord will not affect India`s
sovereignty but admitted digression on the issue of reporting
about mitigation actions on tackling global warming. The Environment Minister argued India had to be flexible as it, along with China, Brazil and South Africa, did not want
to be "responsible for failure" of the climate meet.

EU seeks way ahead after `disastrous` UN climate talks

European environment ministers
began today to plan a new strategy for tackling climate change
after "disastrous" UN climate negotiations which the US and
China did their best to undermine, the Swedish EU presidency said.

Changed climate stand at Copenhagen, admits Govt

Union Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh on Tuesday admitted in Parliament that India had changed its ‘non-negotiable’ stand at the recent Copenhagen Summit, but sought to assure that the government had not compromised with the country’s interests. The Opposition however accused the government of "spin doctoring" and trying to interpret the Copenhagen Accord differently.

UN chief calls for new climate pact push

UN chief Ban Ki-moon appealed for world powers to make a new effort to secure a legally binding climate deal next year amid new diplomatic wrangling over the failure of the Copenhagen summit.

US can`t challenge India on climate: Pachauri

RK Pachauri has made it clear there was no power granted to US in the Copenhagen accord for any interference.

Australia pledges `no more, no less` on climate

Australia will do "no more and no less" than other nations to fight climate change, the government said Tuesday, as it prepared to set its greenhouse gas pollution targets after talks in Copenhagen.

China blasts claim it `hijacked` climate talks

China on Tuesday dismissed a British
editorial accusing it of "hijacking" the UN-sponsored climate
talks in Copenhagen as baseless and politically motivated.

US may challenge India on Copenhagen goals

An Obama aide said the US could challenge India & China if they don`t meet their stated Copenhagen goals.

Copenhagen `a step forward` in limiting temp level: Pachauri

IPCC chairman RK Pachauri
Monday termed the Copenhagen accord "a step forward as it
limits temperature level to two degree Celsius".

PM for informed, rational debate on climate change

Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh on Monday said there was a need for an "informed
and rational" debate to understand effects of global warming
which has far greater consequences in India.

Mixed response to Copenhagen Accord

The Copenhagen Accord has received mixed response in India with climate experts divided on its implications for the country while Left parties and some NGOs have attacked it.

UK accuses China of hijacking climate summit

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown today said that Copenhagen climate summit was "held to ransom" by a small group of countries, as his climate secretary accused China of hijacking the talks to block a legally binding treaty.

China hijacked Copenhagen: UK

China vetoed attempts to give legal force to the climate accord, alleges Britain.

`Pachauri exploited IPCC for his interest`

Pachauri has been accused of making a fortune from his links with carbon trading companies.