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Egypt jails four schoolboys for ''insulting Islam''

A court in Egypt sentenced four young Coptic Christian schoolboys to five years in jail for contempt of religion.

Egyptian Coptic teen seized in Libya found dead: Hospital

An Egyptian Coptic Christian teenager abducted in Libya by armed men who killed her parents has been found dead, a hospital source said Friday.

Lower Egypt voter turnout threatens Sisi mandate

Egyptians cast their votes in a presidential election on Wednesday that is certain to install former army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi as president, but his call for an overwhelming mandate did not appear to have been heeded by voters.

Mursi prepones Egypt’s parliamentary elections

Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi has preponed first post-constitution parliamentary elections from April with the dates clashing with Easter, even opposition`s Mohamed ElBaradei threatened boycott.

Egypt military takes over inquiry of Coptic unrest

Coptic Christians say they are treated like second-class citizens and repeated attacks on them go unpunished.