Charlize Theron wants cosmetics to focus on older women
Charlize Theron wants cosmetics to focus on older women

Academy-Award wining actress Charlize Theron has criticised the beauty industry for focusing on girls in their twenties rather than women in their forties.

Germ killer in cosmetics may affect newborn`s size

Expecting mothers may take note that exposure to some common germ killers used in cosmetics can lead to reproductive problem and may even affect the size of your newborn, a study shows.

Drew Barrymore to launch three perfumes

Actress Drew Barrymore is launching three new fragrances this year.

Jennifer Aniston back to being blonde

Actress Jennifer Aniston, popular for sporting caramel-coloured tresses, had turned brunette for "Cake" movie. But now she has gone back to being blonde.

Make-up is a time constraint: Dannii Minogue

Singer Dannii Minogue, who has three-year-old son Ethan, says she rarely wears any cosmetic products on her face any more because it takes too long to perfect.

Jennifer Aniston spends USD 60,000 on luxury closet?

`Friends` star Jennifer Aniston has reportedly splurged a whooping USD 60,000 on a new luxury closet for her Los Angeles home.

Money can`t buy shoppers happiness

A new study has found that shoppers , whether they buy material items or life experiences, are no happier following the purchase than they were before.

Women prefer no-make up look on holidays

Most British women like to leave behind their make-up bags on holiday in favour of natural looks.

Jennifer Aniston uses `simple` products for her skin

Actor Jeniffer Aniston credits simple products for her healthy and youthful skin.

Look natural on your wedding day: Drew Barrymore

Actress Drew Barrymore says the biggest mistake people make on their wedding day is that they overdo make-up and advises brides to go for the natural look.

Drew Barrymore had `crazy` fashion choices

Actress Drew Barrymore says that when she was younger her fashion sense was crazy.

Watch out for harmful chemicals in cosmetics

Wonder what makes your skin itchy or turn red after you apply your favourite personal care product like cream and sunscreen? An expert says chemicals like paraben and phthalates present in the products are capable of damaging skin.

Traces of mercury, chromium found in cosmetics: Study

Cosmetics in India, some of which are endorsed by well known celebrities, have portions of mercury and chromium in them, reveals a recent study.

Leona Lewis shares beauty products with horse

Singer Leona Lewis is a fan of coconut-based cosmetics and she is so impressed with the results that they give her, that she has also started using them on her pet.

Drew Barrymore gives make-up tips to bespectacled women

Spectacles are no longer an issue when it comes to applying make-up, according to actress Drew Barrymore.

Know when to splurge or cheap out

You must splurge on skincare, bags and lingerie. But for products like pyjamas and white t-shirts, you can buy them cheap.

DGCI bans cosmetics with animal-tested ingredients: PETA

The Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) has banned testing cosmetics and their ingredients on animals, an animal rights organisation said Friday.

Animal tests for cosmetics banned in EU

A ban on selling cosmetics that have been tested on animals has come into force throughout the entire European Union (EU).

Three in four men like women with make-up

73 percent of men prefer their partner with make-up on, with smokey eyes being their favourite look, a survey has revealed.

Cosmetics and plastics can double risk of type-2 diabetes

Phthalates found in cosmetics and plastics can increase the risk of developing diabetes among seniors, researchers say.