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Cosmic dust unveils Earth's ancient atmosphere

Cosmic dust unveils Earth's ancient atmosphere

Using the oldest fossil micrometeorites - space dust - ever found, the new study has made a surprising discovery about the chemistry of Earth's atmosphere 2.7 billion years ago.

NASA recreates cosmic dust in lab

NASA scientists have for the first time reproduced tiny particles of dust that are known to accumulate around red giant stars.

Scientists complete largest survey of cosmic dust in local galaxies

Scientists have used data from ESA `s Herschel space observatory to complete the largest census of dust in local galaxies.

Brown dwarfs could grow rocky planets

Astronomers have detected that the outer region of a dusty disc encircling a brown dwarf - a star-like object, contains millimetre-size solid grains like those found in denser discs around newborn stars.

How cosmic dust shape the twinkling stars

Want to know about the formation of stars? Well, scientists have found that cosmic dust is a vital ingredient that shapes them.