Space travelling is now bit `safer` than previously thought

Space travelling is now bit `safer` than previously thought

 A new research has revealed that cosmic radiations might not be as harmful as previously thought, making space travelling relatively safer for future.

Airline pilots, cabin crews at double the risk of melanoma than general population

A new study has suggested airline pilots and cabin crews have a twice the risk of melanoma as compared to general population.

`Plastics can shield astronauts from cosmic radiat

Data gathered by NASA`s LRO have shown that lighter materials like plastics provide effective shielding against the radiation hazards faced by astronauts during extended space travel.

Mars Mission to use astronaut feces as radiation shield

Astronauts onboard a privately-funded expedition to Mars in 2018 will use their own feces to protect themselves against cosmic radiation.

Cosmic radiation can cause Alzheimer`s in astronauts

Space travel may harm the brain in astronauts as exposure to galactic cosmic radiation could trigger Alzheimer`s, a new study has claimed.