Glancing blow impact created 'Rheasilvia basin' on 'Vesta's' south pole
Glancing blow impact created 'Rheasilvia basin' on 'Vesta's' south pole

Scientists have revealed that the deep grooves that circled the asteroid 'Vesta's' equator like a cosmic belt were probably caused by a 'glancing blow' impact on 'Vesta's' south pole.

New Cambridge light on cosmic `dark ages`

Remnants of the first stars have
helped astronomers get closer on cosmic `dark ages`.

NASA images reveal cosmic snowstorm

Images captured by NASA’s spacecraft after the recent encounter with Comet Hartley 2 revealed a cosmic snowstorm.

NASA reveals Saturn is on a cosmic dimmer switch

NASA`s Cassini spacecraft has found that Saturn emitted gradually less energy each year from 2005 to 2009.

Evidence of cosmic climate change found

Evidence of an intense warming period in universe`s early history has been found by a team of astronomers.

Pale green Hartley comet to pass close to Earth

A pale green comet will make a close pass by the Earth giving sky-watchers a good view
of the cosmic body.

Cosmic collision in our neighbourhood changed galaxies

Andromeda and Triangulum, the two galaxies closest to our own, collided two to three billion years ago, changing the galactic structure, according to evidence unearthed by astronomers.