Canadian DJ loses job for asking ‘how it feels to be a MILF’ to politician

A radio show host in Canada was fired from his job after he had asked a Canadian politician how it felt to be a sexually attractive mother.

Cougar loving Harry Styles would date anyone `up to` his mum’s age

One Direction’s Harry Styles has revealed that he will bed any woman as long as they are not older than his mother Anne.

`Friends` star Courteney Cox aspires to be a cougar

Courteney Cox, who split from husband David Arquette last year wants to become "cougar" and start dating younger guys.

Female celebrities turning into cougars seeking ‘lots of great sex’

High-profile older women are rapidly taking up the role of cougars, flooring their men with their charm and sensuousness.

Emma is ‘not a cougar like other mid-aged Hollywood actresses’

Emma said that middle-aged Hollywood actresses, who move with younger partners, are ‘predatory’.