Young couples today prefer `egalitarian` relationships
Young couples today prefer `egalitarian` relationships

 Most young men and women today want to be in an egalitarian relationships, where work and family responsibilities are equally shared.

'Upma' have made 'Bigg Boss...' interesting: Farah Khan
'Upma' have made 'Bigg Boss...' interesting: Farah Khan

The chemistry between Upma -- a blend between actors Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna -- is working well for the ratings of "Bigg Boss Halla Bol", says host Farah Khan.

Festive season stress top reason behind split among couples

A survey has revealed that under the festive stress, many married couples will split in the coming year.

Why January 2 is 'divorce day' of the year
Why January 2 is 'divorce day' of the year

Relationships counselors have revealed that January 2 is the "Divorce Day", as it has been found that on this day, most couples in troubled marriages finally decide to call it quits.

Top reasons why couples stay in troubled marriages revealed
Top reasons why couples stay in troubled marriages revealed

A new survey has revealed the top 10 reasons why couples stay in an unhappy marriage and avoid getting divorced.

Jennifer Garner wants JLo to quit talking about Ben Affleck
Jennifer Garner wants JLo to quit talking about Ben Affleck

 Actress Jennifer Garner, who is married to Ben Affleck, is reportedly upset that singer-actress Jennifer Lopez in her interviews continues to mention her past camaraderie with her former beau.

Stagnant relationships kill pleasant memories: Study

Couples whose commitment to each other has stagnated or regressed are far less accurate in the memories of their relationships, a new study has found.

What not to say to someone considering divorce
What not to say to someone considering divorce


New York: You might have a habit of giving advice to people, but sometimes they can be frustrating especially if your friends are thinking of getting divorced. Avoid words like "everything heals with time" or "work it out" as they can definitely do without them.

BJP drops mention of `love jihad`, rakes up crime against Hindu women

After breathing fire over `love jihad`, BJP on Sunday dropped mention of it in the party`s political resolution but continued to rake up the issue of alleged crime by men of minority community against Hindu women as part of efforts to consolidate its vote bank ahead of assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh.

Now, messaging app only for couples to sext, share steamy selfies

Dating website HowAboutWe has just launched a standalone messaging app for couples that lets two sweeties share multiple types of content and create a story together.

Valentine`s Day: A treat for the singles?

Sad being single on Valentine`s Day ?

Valentine`s Day: Tomatoes thrown on couples by Bajrang Dal men

The activists of Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Friday threw rotten tomatoes at couples celebrating Valentine`s Day on the banks of Sabarmati river here.

3500-year-old tombs with hand-holding couples found

Till death do us part! Scientists have discovered mysterious 3,500-year-old Bronze Age graves in Siberia, where male and female skeletons are buried facing each other and holding hands.

Couples can hire rooms at Metro stations in Delhi

Spotting young couples hanging around Metro stations is quite a regular site but Zee News team came to know that now couples can hire rooms to enjoy their `intimate moments`.

Health benefits of happy marriage revealed

People, who are in happy marriages, don`t fall sick often and enjoy more good health, a new research has suggested.

`Couples kiss most between 1st and 2nd anniversaries

A study has found couples kiss the most -- 31 times a week -- between their first and second anniversaries.

Couples can adopt second child of same sex: HC

In an important judgement, the Bombay High Court has held that a couple with an adopted child can adopt a second child of the same sex.

Thousands in Asia exchange vows on lucky 11-11-11

November 11 has been celebrated as an unofficial "singles` day" in China since the 1990s.

Women go hi-tech, husbands join in Karva Chauth fast

From husbands joining their wives in fast, women breaking their fast through video chat to many single girls also observing the custom.

Couples who argue on honeymoon likely to fight throughout their married life

As couples grow older together their rate of arguing is likely to stay the same.