It`s time to do Kurt Cobain biopic: Courtney Love

Courtney Love is hoping to launch the production on a Kurt Cobain biopic in the next 12 months.

Sex on top of Courtney Love`s `obsessions`

Courtney Love, who recently turned 50, has made a list of an equivalent number of her obsessions. On top of the list is sex!

Courtney Love to star in `Sons of Anarchy` season 7

Singer Courtney Love is to star in `Sons of Anarchy` final season.

Lana Del Rey inspired by Courtney Love

Singer Lana Del Rey says she`s inspired by singer-songwriter Courtney Love and is glad she`s friends with her.

Courtney Love likes Victoria Beckham`s designs

Rocker Courtney Love has revealed that she is fond of Victoria Beckham`s beautifully cut dresses.

Police releases the suicide note of Kurt Cobain

A hand written note discovered in the wallet of music legend and Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain at the time of his death has finally been made public after 20 years.

Gay friends made her a rock star: Courtney Love

Courtney Love says her gay friends taught her how to be a rock star. The `Hole` singer credits her homosexual friends with helping her learn how to dress well and have a commanding presence when she enters a room, reportedly.

Courtney Love credits gay pals for making her a rock star

Courtney Love has revealed that she became a rock star because of her gay friends, adding that now she is a gay icon.

Courtney Love ordered to pay USD 96k in unpaid settlement

Courtney Love has been ordered by a Los Angeles court to pay a multi-thousand dollar fee after missing a settlement payment.

Courtney Love ordered to pay $96k for defaming fashion designer

On the same day that Courtney Love got a victory in court when a new trial was denied to a person she allegedly defamed on Twitter, a judge ordered her to pay nearly 96,000 dollars to a second person she allegedly defamed on Twitter.

Courtney Love called Kurt Cobain `a**hole` at his memorial service

Courtney Love had screamed out at her late husband Kurt Cobain`s public memorial service, calling him an `a**hole`, and asked his fans to do the same, it has been revealed.

Courtney Love sued for $48k by doctor over unpaid fees

Courtney Love is facing a new woe - a doctor has filed a suit for outstanding fees dating back to 2010.

Courtney Love decides to be friends with exes

Singer Courtney Love says her New Year`s resolution is to make peace with her ex-lovers.

Courtney Love`s resolution - be friends with exes

Courtney Love has vowed to start 2014 with a romantic clean slate. She wants to become friends with all her former boyfriends.

Courtney Love brands Katy Perry `boring`

Courtney Love has apparently branded fellow singer Katy Perry `a bore`, asserting that the `Roar` hit maker is a good girl, but she bores the "s*** out of her".

Courtney Love composes Gothic version of `A Spoonful of Sugar`

Singer-songwriter Courtney Love has reportedly come out with a Goth-inspired version to classic song.

Courtney Love impersonates Japanese kabuki actors in white-faced pic

Courtney Love has tweeted an image of herself in a makeup that mimics the traditional appearance of Japanese kabuki actors.

My daughter turned down Kristen Stewart`s Twilight role, says Courtney Love

Kristen Stewart`s role in the `Twilight` movie franchise nearly went to Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love`s daughter.

Courtney Love is the ugliest woman I`ve ever seen, says Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes has raged a twitter war against Courtney Love, calling her "the ugliest woman she has ever seen".

UK police force to treat attacks on goths as hate crimes

British police force on Thursday began recording attacks on goths and punks as "hate crimes" similar to those suffered by people targeted because of their race, religion or sexual orientation.