BJP welcomes rearing of cow, calf at Goa Raj Bhavan

The BJP has welcomed Goa Governor Mridula Sinha's adoption of a cow and a calf, and rearing of animals on Raj Bhavan grounds.

Steroid-fattened cows spark health fears in Bangladesh on Eid

 Bangladesh sent medical teams on Tuesday to check millions of cows set for slaughter due to fears they have been pumped with banned steroids for fattening ahead of the Eid holiday.

Mob sets fire to a truck for allegedly transporting cow flesh in Nashik

An irate mob set fire to a truck, for transporting what they alleged is cow flesh, near Vinchur in Nashik district today morning, after which a bandh was observed in Lasalgaon and Vinchur to protest against alleged slaughter of cows.

Now, artificial limbs for cows!
Now, artificial limbs for cows!

Two orthotists here claim to have developed artificial limbs for cows, though it's early days to say how successful they will be.

Cow flatulence sparks explosion at German barn

Flatulence from 90 cows in a German barn sparked a methane gas explosion that damaged the building and left one cow slightly injured with burns, police said today.

When a cow underwent DNA test...

A local court here has ordered DNA testing on a cow to settle a dispute over its ownership by two women at Punalur in the district.

Now, robot that lets cows milk themselves

A Dutch firm has developed a revolutionary robotic milker which allows cows to milk themselves - and the animals can learn to use it faster than even farmers!

Avoid cow slaughter on Id, respect Hindu sentiments: Deoband

Leading Islamic seminary Deoband appealed to
Muslims to avoid cow slaughter on the festival as a mark of
respect for the feelings of Hindus.

Cows too have `best friends` and get `stressed`

Cows too have best friends and become stressed if they are separated, a British scientist has claimed.

Energy from cow`s rumination

Imagine keeping a cow in your one BHK flat, instead of an LPG cylinder.

Japan finds fresh suspected foot-and-mouth case

Japan discovered a case of foot-and-mouth disease in a cow in its southern prefecture of Miyazaki.

Yeddyurappa hits out at criticism on legislation banning cow slaughter

Karnataka Chief Minister B S
Yeddyurappa today termed the Opposition`s criticism over the
legislation banning cow slaughter as politically motivated.

Is there any research on urine? Lalu wants to know

Is any research being carried out
on use of human or cow urine as medicine?

Cow’s milk good for newborns

Mothers who feed their babies cow’s milk in the first 15 days of life protect them from dangerous allergies.

Is milk from grass-fed cows better for you?

Milk might do the heart more good if it comes from cows grazed on grass instead of on feedlots.

Soon, cow dung may light up data centres!

The multifarious use of cow dung
gets wider if the computer major HP`s research finding is
anything to go by.

HP to bring suitable legislation to protect cows

The Himachal Pradesh government
will soon bring comprehensive legislation on cow protection
and if required an ordinance could also be promulgated, Chief
Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal said today.