Tidal forces gave moon its shape: Study

What gave the moon its overall shape? Tidal forces.

Why are there no craters on Earth

During the past 3.5 billion years, it is estimated that more than 80 bodies, larger than the dinosaur-killing asteroid that struck the Yucatan Peninsula 66 million years ago, have bombarded Earth.

New type of impact craters found on Mars

Scientists are trying to study how a category of unusual impact craters formed on Mars.

Underground explosions responsible for craters on Mars

Dramatic underground explosions, perhaps involving ice, are responsible for the pits inside the two large martian impact craters, that has been captured by ESA`s Mars Express on January 4.

Saturn`s moon Titan`s craters getting filled `slowly but steadily`

While most of Saturn`s moons display their ancient faces pockmarked by thousands of craters, Titan-Saturn`s largest moon-may look much younger than it really is because its craters are getting erased, researchers say.

Over 635,000 impact craters scar Mars` surface

It seems Mars is a beaten and battered planet in the solar system, as its surface has been pocked by more than 635,000 impact craters.

Recent craters observed on Mars

Newly released images taken by ESA’s Mars Express show an unusual accumulation of young craters in the large outflow channel called Ares Vallis.

Moon`s craters could be coldest spot in solar system

The shadowy craters of the moon`s South Pole could be the coldest spot in the solar system, NASA scientists have said.