Argentine congress OKs payoff to Repsol for YPF seizure

Argentina`s lower house of Congress approved a deal Thursday to compensate Spanish oil giant Repsol with $5 billion in bonds for the 2012 seizure of its subsidiary YPF.

Argentina`s ailing Kirchner takes hit in mid-term vote

Midterm elections have dealt a tough new loss to Argentine President Cristina Kirchner`s political movement in the country`s biggest voting district, officials said.

Argentine president ordered released from hospital

Presidential spokesman Alfredo Scoccimarro told reporters Kirchner would be leaving the hospital "in a few minutes."

President Cristina Kirchner blood clot surgery a success: Argentina

Argentine President Cristina Kirchner was recovering in hospital after successful surgery to remove a blood clot on her brain, officials said.

Argentine President on 1-month rest after head trauma

Argentina`s President Cristina Kirchner has been ordered to rest for a month after doctors found a brain hemorrhage linked to an August incident, her spokesman has said.

UK not to invite Argentine president for Margaret Thatcher`s funeral

Britain has decided not to invite Argentine President Cristina Kirchner to the funeral of former prime minister Margaret Thatcher, Downing Street said over Falkland Islands dispute.

Kirchner wants new Falklands talks with Britain

Argentina and Britain fought a brief war in 1982 for control of the Falklands in which Argentina was roundly defeated.

US probed Argentine leader`s "nerves": Leaked cable

US intelligence operatives wanted
to know if Argentine President Cristina Kirchner was taking medication to deal with her "nerves and stress".