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Tapeworms fight to control shared host

If two tapeworms infect the same host and find themselves at cross-purposes, they may actively sabotage each other in a competition to seize control, new research suggests.

Tiny migrating animals' pee shapes ocean chemistry

Tiny migrating animals' pee shapes ocean chemistry

The largest migration on the planet is the movement of small animals from the surface of the open ocean, where they feed on plants under the cover of darkness, to the sunless depths to hide from predators during the day, says a study.

5 new species of crustaceans and 1 new genus found

Using morphological and molecular data experts have discovered five new species of crustaceans.

Lobster’s age can be revealed by its growth rings

Like a tree, the age of a lobster can be determined by counting its rings, scientists have revealed.

ESA astronauts bring back new life from underground

Astronauts on ESA’s CAVES underground training course, who were sent underground to learn about working in multi-cultural teams under extreme conditions, returned to the surface they were carrying a special type of woodlouse.