Kazakhstan rejects single currency proposal from Russia

 Kazakhstan will not accept a single currency in a trade bloc championed by Moscow, a top official said on Wednesday, rejecting a proposal from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Coimbatore temple has walls, roof made of currency

A temple in Coimbatore has walls, roof made of currency which attracts a lot many devotees.

Russia has currency resources to overcome crisis: Medvedev

 Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Wednesday assured ministers and industry leaders that the country had enough monetary resources to overcome the economic crisis despite the ruble`s plunge in value.

Constitution does not permit coins with religious symbols: Delhi HC

 The Delhi High Court on Wednesday questioned the Centre's step to commemorate religious events by issuing coins having pictures of deities embossed on them observing that "our Constitution does not permit this".

ISIS plans to introduce its own currency in Syria, Iraq
ISIS plans to introduce its own currency in Syria, Iraq

The Islamic State (IS) terrorist organisation plans to introduce its own currency and bring back solid gold and silver coins, according to media reports.

DNA: Is ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi dead?

He's enemy No. 1 in the fight against ISIS. But after waves of airstrikes by both Iraq and US-led coalition forces, questions abound over whether the terror group's leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was hit.

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Venezuela minister rules out currency devaluation

Venezuela`s economic minister has ruled out a devaluation of the nation`s currency, as the country struggles with soaring debt and inflation.

European regulator tells banks to shun Bitcoin

Europe`s top banking regulator today called on the region`s banks not to deal in virtual currencies such as Bitcoin until rules are developed to stop them being abused.

Rupee will get stronger after NDA comes to power: Swamy

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Saturday said rupee will appreciate to Rs 35 per dollar from over Rs 61 in the next two years if NDA comes to power.

Single currency notes infested with over 3,000 types of bacteria

Researchers at New York University`s Dirty Money Project found that currency is a medium of exchange for hundreds of different kinds of bacteria, as bank notes are passed on from hand to hand.

Ukraine currency recovers after 46% interest rate hike

Ukraine`s currency steadied today after heavy falls and after the crisis-hit country`s central bank unexpectedly raised the key interest rate by nearly 50 per cent to boost consumer confidence and stop spiralling inflation.

`World`s first` Bitcoin shop opens in Hong Kong

A shop selling the virtual Bitcoin currency opened in Hong Kong today, as fresh concerns grew in Asia over the currency`s viability and security.

Cyber attack on bitcoin a big warning to currency`s users

A massive cyber attack from unknown sources that has been spamming bitcoin exchanges is highlighting some of the dangers people can encounter when they exchange cash for digital currencies like the bitcoin, experts said on Wednesday.

Liberia`s finance minister urges calm over currency crisis

Liberia`s finance minister warned against panic today after being summoned to parliament to explain a crash in the value of Liberia`s currency against the US dollar.

World`s first` bitcoin ATM opens in Canada

Three young entrepreneurs opened an automated teller Tuesday in this western Canadian city, calling it the world`s first ATM able to exchange bitcoins for any official currency.

Exports and currency movements

Indian exports contracted in May by 0.13 percent to Rs 134807.62 crore on a year-on-year (YoY) basis.

Termites eat away currency worth over $65,000 in China

An old lady in China had to pay heavily for not keeping her cash worth over USD 65,000 in banks.

Egypt relaxes foreign currency rules

Egypt, which is in need of foreign currency, is relaxing its rules on how much cash air travelers can bring into the nation.

Mandela`s smile now on South African currency note

South Africans will now carry the smiling Nelson Mandela after a range of currency notes depicting the anti-apartheid icon on one side was released.

Iranian Govt accountable for the state of country: US

Hillary Clinton said the government in Tehran is accountable for the situation inside the country.