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Court tells British woman she can't name daughter 'Cyanide'

The woman, who also chose the name Preacher for the girl's twin brother, insisted that she had a right to name her own children.

Dead fish spark cyanide contamination fears in China river

A large number of dead fish spotted in China's Tianjin river sparked fresh fears about possible contamination of water due to hazardous chemical leaks after deadly blasts in the major port city, but officials today insisted no toxic levels of cyanide have been detected.

Cyanide 356 times limits found at China blast test point: Officials

Cyanide levels more than 350 times standard limits have been detected in water close to the site of deadly explosions in the Chinese port city of Tianjin, officials said Thursday.

Explosions hamper cyanide clearing work at China blast site

Recurring explosions setting off fires continue to hamper attempts by nuclear and biological warfare experts to clear hundreds of tonnes of highly poisonous cyanide stored at a warehouse devastated by twin powerful blasts which killed 112 in this Chinese port city.

`Hundreds of tonnes` of cyanide at China blasts site: Military

Hundreds of tonnes of highly-poisonous cyanide were being stored at the warehouse devastated by two giant explosions in the Chinese port of Tianjin which killed 112, a senior military officer said Sunday.

White House receives cyanide-laced envelope

White House receives cyanide-laced envelope

The White House this week was sent a letter that tested positive for cyanide, US media reported on Tuesday, in yet another piece of bad news for the Secret Service.

`Black widow` pot plants show traces of cyanide: Japan reports

The Japanese police investigating a so-called "Black Widow", who could be behind the deaths of six partners, have found traces of cyanide in soil from her pot plants, reports said on Friday.

Police find cyanide at home of Japan `black widow`: Media

Japanese police on Monday raided the home of a 67-year-old multi-millionaire arrested on suspicion of poisoning her latest husband after six other partners also died, and reportedly recovered cyanide from her trash.

Mexico mine spills 500,000 gallons of cyanide

A mine in northern Mexico spilled over a half-million gallons of a cyanide solution used in heap-leach gold mining, after heavy rains caused a retaining pond to overflow.

Poachers poison Zimbabwe water body, kill 41 elephants

Poachers in a major Zimbabwean national park killed 41 elephants by poisoning with deadly chemical cyanide the pools the animals drank from, a media report said.

Private college lab assistant throws acid on staff, girls

A lab assistant in a local private college on Friday allegedly threw acid on two staff injuring them and two girl students, and later tried to commit suicide by consuming cyanide, police said.

How did Hitler die?

Hitler did not commit suicide by shooting himself with a gun, but poisoned himself with cyanide?