Govt to start internet safety programme with Google
Govt to start internet safety programme with Google

Government will launch Internet safety programme in partnership with Google in order to create awareness among users regarding cyber threat.

New US cyber defense agency to `connect the dots`

The Obama administration unveiled plans Tuesday for a new US intelligence center to integrate information about cyber threats, aiming for the same kind of coordination used to battle terrorism.

New US cyber defence agency to 'connect the dots'

The US administration is launching a new cyber intelligence centre which aims to integrate information about threats to critical computer networks, a senior official said Tuesday.

Obama turns focus to Internet security, privacy

President Barack Obama will highlight plans next week to protect American consumers and businesses from cyber threats, a month after the most high-profile hacking attack on a US company.

'Kiss of Love' Facebook page and accounts hacked

The organisers of the controversial 'Kiss of Love' event against moral policing on Monday claimed that their Facebook page and accounts of at least five persons linked with it have been hacked.

UK spy agency says to share cyber threat data with private firms

Britain`s GCHQ intelligence agency said on Tuesday it would start to share classified cyber threat information with private companies amid concerns over increasingly sophisticated targeting of businesses by hackers.

New bugs found in software that caused "Heartbleed" cyber threat

Security researchers have uncovered new bugs in the Web encryption software that caused the pernicious “Heartbleed” Internet threat that surfaced in April.

Experts warn of risk to cloud storage amidst growing cyber threat

With more businesses storing their crucial data on virtual spaces, security experts have reportedly warned that with lack of security measures, the cloud data is as prone to cyber attack risk as any other data.

Personal computers `weak link` in cyber security: NTRO

Personal computers and other private users of data are "weak links" when it comes to implementing cyber security norms in the country

Conficker worm a continuing threat: Microsoft

The Microsoft Security Intelligence Report volume 12 (SIRv12) also revealed the worm continues to spread because of weak or stolen passwords and vulnerabilities for which a security update exists.

New initiative to tackle cyber threats launched

A new initiative on cyber security has been launched at the World Economic Forum to strengthen efforts to combat rising cyber risks.

Pentagon looks for weapons to wage cyber warfare

The Pentagon`s researchers plan to bolster their efforts to create offensive weapons for use in cyber warfare, reflecting a growing concern over digital threats, US officials have said.

India faces new security threat from cyber world

India is facing new security threat from cyber world as increasing use of convergence technologies has changed the rules of engagements, a top defence official said on Friday.

Cyber threat is next challenge before country: Antony

Defence Minister A K Antony on Friday said the "clandestine
proliferation" of terrorist networks in the neighbourhood have
made its fight against terror "more complex".

Schools in China say they weren`t behind hacking

Two prominent schools in China dispute allegations that hacking attacks on Google and other firms originated from them, a report said on Saturday.

India `adequately prepared` to deal with hacking: Govt

Government on Saturday said internet hackers will continue to attack the country`s cyber networks but asserted that India was "adequately prepared" to deal with such threats.