Hackers may have snared details of Chinese linked to US

Chinese hackers accused of attacking US federal databases may have snared the names of Chinese with links to American officials, putting them in danger, a media report has said.

US university unit cuts off from Web after cyberattack

Penn State University said on Friday that the computer network of its college of engineering was disconnected from the Internet after a cyberattack "by a threat actor based in China."

Sony Pictures CEO says cyberattack cost won't set studio back

Sony Pictures Entertainment Chief Executive Michael Lynton said on Thursday the costs from the devastating cyberattack on the Hollywood studio will be completely covered by insurance and will not lead to further cost-cutting.

Sony exec confirms Playstation plagued by cyberattack

 A Sony executive has confirmed that PlayStation has been plagued by a cyberattack that has been resulting in the network woes since Christmas Day.

South Korea heightens cyber security watch on hacking

 South Korea has heightened its security readiness against cyber attacks as concerns grew over a series of online information leaks at nuclear power plants, officials said Tuesday.

South Korea's Park says leak of nuclear plant data a "grave situation"

South Korean President Park Geun-hye said on Tuesday the leak of data from the country`s nuclear operator was a "grave situation" that was unacceptable as a matter of national security.

US urges North Korea to compensate Sony for cyberattack
US urges North Korea to compensate Sony for cyberattack

 The United States urged North Korea on Monday to admit it ordered a cyberattack on the Hollywood studio Sony Pictures and to pay for the damage it had caused.

South Korea nuclear plants stage drill against cyber attack

 South Korea`s nuclear power plant operator launched a two-day drill Monday, testing its ability to thwart a cyber attack, after a series of online information leaks by a suspected hacker.

US dismisses North Korea hacking probe offer, seeks China`s help
US dismisses North Korea hacking probe offer, seeks China`s help

 The United States has dismissed a call by North Korea for a joint investigation into the hacking of Sony Pictures and wants China to help block cyber attacks from Pyongyang.

North Korea denies hacking Sony, wants joint probe with US

North Korea said on Saturday US accusations that it was involved in a cyberattack on Sony Pictures were "groundless slander" and that it wanted a joint investigation into the incident with the United States.

Seoul says Sony attack bears hallmarks of North Korea

South Korea on Saturday said North Korea had likely carried out a crippling cyber attack on Sony Pictures, which bore all the hallmarks of an onslaught on its own banks and media agencies last year.

US will respond to North Korea-linked hack on Sony: Obama

President Barack Obama on Friday said the United States will respond to the devastating cyberattack on Sony Pictures now that U.S. authorities have linked the strike to the North Korean government.

Sony sees possible North Korea link to hack attack: Report

Sony Pictures Entertainment is looking into whether North Korea may have been behind a major cyberattack on the studio last week, a news website reported.


Apple iOS bug makes most devices vulnerable to attack: Researchers

Cybersecurity researchers have warned that a bug in Apple Inc`s iOS operating system makes most iPhones and iPads vulnerable to cyberattacks by hackers seeking access to sensitive data and control of their devices.

JPMorgan hackers accessed servers but stole no money: Report
JPMorgan hackers accessed servers but stole no money: Report

Hackers accessed dozens of servers at JPMorgan Chase & Co in a cyberattack launched in June, though no money was taken, the New York Times reported on Friday, citing people familiar with the investigation into the case. 

More than half-a-million vote in Hong Kong democracy poll

More than half-a-million people have voted in an unofficial Hong Kong electoral reform poll, organisers said Saturday, in a ballot hit by a massive cyberattack and labelled by Beijing as "illegal".

After cyberattack, eBay recommends password change

US online giant eBay today said cyberattackers broke into its database with customer passwords and other personal data in what could be one of the biggest breaches of its kind.

Mystery surrounds China Internet outage, possible Falun Gong link

The cause of an Internet outage in China that rerouted millions of users to a U.S. website of a company which helps people get around Beijing`s censorship remained a mystery on Wednesday, but experts weighed the possibility of a cyberattack.

Cyber criminals hack smart fridge to send out spam

A fridge was among more than 100,000 devices hacked by cyber criminals to send out spam emails - in what may be the first proven cyberattack on household "smart" appliances, researchers say.

Hackers use connected home appliances to launch global cyberattack

In the age of ` Internet of Things`, connected appliances, including smart televisions and refrigerators, have reportedly helped in launching what is said to be a global cyberattack, a security firm has revealed.