US military developing hypersonic jet

 Giving more teeth to its combat prowess, the US military is reportedly developing a hypersonic jet plane that could soar at up to five times the speed of sound.

Soon, hypersonic jet that flies faster than bullet

 The US military is developing a next-generation hypersonic jet plane that could fly at up to five times the speed of sound - faster than a bullet.

DARPA to terraform Mars with human-engineered organisms

US defense scientists are planning to use genetically engineered algae, bacteria and plants to radically transform the climate of Mars and terraform it into an Earth-like planet.

''Deep Web'' search to help decode space data

 When you do a simple internet search on a topic, the results that appear are not the whole story. Most of the information is buried in the "Deep Web" in the mysterious online world.

Star Wars-styled robotic arm approved for mass production

DARPA, the US Defense Department`s advanced research agency, had set out to find a better solution for amputees than the metal hooks still widely used today nearly eight years ago.

Coming, drones controlled by smart phones

The US is developing a military drone capable of assisting troops while avoiding hostile threats on the ground, such as ambushes and improvised explosive devices or IEDs.

DARPA unveils humanoid robot

The US military has unveiled one of its most-advanced humanoid robots known as Atlas, which was created to assist in future emergency situations, the American Forces Press Service reported.

Mind-controlled limbs could give amputees sense of touch

DARPA, the Pentagon`s advanced research group, has achieved some big breakthroughs that may help restore a sense of touch to military personnel who have lost limbs in service of their countries.

US Army seeks new technology to replace GPS

The US Army is working to limit its dependence on GPS by developing the next generation of navigation technology, including a tiny autonomous chip, the director of the Pentagon`s research agency said Wednesday.

`Mass mobilization through social media has high risk of failure`

The strategy of using social media for coordinating people in critical situations has high risk of failure, a study has said.

Pentagon-backed `bat drone` ready for deployment

A new Pentagon-backed autonomous "bat drone", that can use a long claw to pluck objects off of the ground, is ready for deployment.

DARPA releases cause of hypersonic glider anomaly

An unmanned hypersonic glider likely aborted its 13,000 mph flight over the Pacific Ocean last summer because unexpectedly large sections of its skin peeled off.

Passwords could soon be obsolete

DARPA’s purpose is to sponsor “revolutionary, high-payoff research” for military use.

US` hypersonic weapon can hit targets in an hour

A hypersonic weapon prototype belonging to the US Army which travels at several times the speed of sound was successfully test fired on Nov 17.

Pentagon looks for weapons to wage cyber warfare

The Pentagon`s researchers plan to bolster their efforts to create offensive weapons for use in cyber warfare, reflecting a growing concern over digital threats, US officials have said.

Contact lost with hypersonic glider after launch

An unmanned hypersonic glider developed for U.S. defense research into super-fast global strike capability was lost after the experimental craft began flying on its own.

US eyes mind-controlling helmets for soldiers

The US Army`s science department is working to develop helmets that can influence a soldier`s brain.

Flying cars may soon be a reality

Flying cars have always been something typically reserved for science fiction, but they have now come closer to reality.