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''DND toll could extend beyond 2031''

Amid demands for making the privately-funded Delhi-Noida-Delhi (DND) Flyway toll-free, its Director, Monisha Macedo, has said that the contract for operating it can even be extended for two more years -- beyond the stipulated 2031 -- if it has not earned profits till then.

Delhi government to review if DND can be made toll-free

Delhi government to review if DND can be made toll-free

Delhi government will review if toll collection at Delhi-Noida-Delhi (DND) flyway can be scrapped. 

Noida Authority CEO recommends CAG audit of DND toll operator

According to a report published in DNA, the Noida Authority has recommended to the Uttar Pradesh government that an audit be conducted by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India into the contract agreement and accounts of Noida Toll Bridge Company Limited (NTBCL) which operates the DND

Fast N Facts @ 9 am

Fast N Facts @ 9 am

DNA: Complete analysis of DND toll scam

DNA in this episode analyses the entire story of DND toll scam

Noida Authority finds several discrepancies in NTBCL's functioning

The Noida Authority has said that it has found several discrepancies in the functioning of the Noida Toll Bridge Company Limited.

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Discrepancies in the contract of DND Toll bridge?

Public is being looted at the Delhi-Noida Toll Bridge. According to figures, Rs 428 crores were spent in the construction of the DND flyover, out of which Rs 20 crores were contributed by the Noida authority. As per the DND records, an estimated Rs 698 crores have been recovered so far.

Zee Media Exclusive: How you are being robbed of your money on DND flyway

Here is an exclusive report by Zee Media which shows how you are being robbed of your money on DND flyway.

DND hikes toll, residents protest

DND flyway management has announced hike in toll tariff effective from Saturday, December 20, to which residents of Noida have protested.

FONRWA members postpone protest on DND toll hike

FONRWA postponed their agitation against the DND toll hike for the next 10 days following a request in this regard by District Magistrate Kumar Ravikant Singh.

BKU demands withdrawal of toll on DND flyway

BKU on Tuesday forcefully occupied Noida toll plaza of DND Flyway and allowed vehicles to ply without paying the toll for around 20 minutes.

Yamuna Expressway, DND flyway to be toll-free for F1 final day

"Vodafone has tied up with Delhi-Noida-Delhi (DND) flyway authorities to make the flyway toll-free on the final day of the event on October 28 (Sunday),” Yamuna Expressway project spokesman Anwar Abbasi said Thursday.

Coin shortage leads to traffic jam at DND flyway

Traffic snarls were seen at DND toll
plaza with commuters stranding at the gates due to
shortage of change after the hike in toll rates effective from Wednesday.