Britain, US say no UN exit from Darfur

Britain and the United States said Monday it was too soon for UN peacekeepers to leave Sudan's troubled Darfur region as the Security Council extended the mission for another year.

Sudan says all `normal`, President Omar al-Bashir to return after AU summit
Sudan says all `normal`, President Omar al-Bashir to return after AU summit

Sudan insisted President Omar al-Bashir`s visit to Johannesburg for a summit was proceeding normally and he would return after its main meeting, despite a court order Sunday banning him from leaving South Africa.

South Africa court bars indicted Sudan leader from leaving

Sudan insisted President Omar al-Bashir's visit to Johannesburg for a summit was proceeding normally and he would return after its main meeting, despite a court order on Sunday banning him from leaving South Africa.

Sudan`s Darfur offensive forces 78,000 to flee: UN

At least 78,000 people and possibly as many as 130,000 have been driven from their homes during the Sudanese army`s offensive in Darfur this year, the United Nations said Wednesday.

Sudan: 2 Russian pilots held by gunmen in Darfur released

A Sudanese governor says that two Russian pilots who were held by gunmen in the country's restive western Darfur region since January have been freed, and that no ransom was paid.

Two Russians abducted in Sudan`s Darfur freed: Embassy

 Two Russians kidnapped in Sudan`s Darfur in January have been freed by their captors, a spokesman for Russia`s embassy in Khartoum said on Saturday.

Showing off spoils of war, Sudan claims progress in Darfur

Stacked with rockets and machine guns, dozens of trucks seized from rebels lined the main square of South Darfur`s state capital. Proof, Khartoum says, that its forces dealt insurgents a knockout blow.

Dozens killed in tribal clashes in Sudan`s East Darfur

Dozens of people were killed in clashes between two Arab tribes in Sudan`s troubled East Darfur state on Monday, a politician told AFP.

Khartoum accuses S.Sudan of backing Darfur rebels

Sudan`s military accused Juba of supporting rebels from Darfur after Khartoum`s troops clashed with the insurgents in part of the war-torn region near the border between the two countries Sunday.

Rebels in Sudan`s Kordofan attack vote centres

Sudanese rebels have attacked several polling stations in war-torn South Kordofan state during nationwide elections widely expected to extend President Omar al-Bashir`s 25-year rule.

UN moves to revamp AU-UN mission in Sudan`s Darfur

The United Nations is working on a roadmap to streamline its joint mission with the African Union in Sudan`s Darfur and transfer some of its tasks to a team solely under UN control, a report said Friday.

Almost half a million people in Darfur displaced in 2014: UN

A new report from the UN secretary-general says nearly half a million people were displaced in Darfur last year, the highest number in a decade.

Clooney recalls `torture rape` of Darfur, demands curb of violence
Clooney recalls `torture rape` of Darfur, demands curb of violence

George Clooney wrote an op-ed in New York Times and criticized the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Darfur, Sudan and asked to put an end to it.

Sudan police open probe into UNAMID rape claim: Ministry

The Sudanese police are investigating an officer from the UN-African Union mission in Darfur over allegations he raped a woman in the western region, a foreign ministry spokesman said Friday.

UN threatens sanctions against Sudan government and rebels

The UN Security Council threatened new sanctions against Sudanese government officials and armed groups that attack civilians in Darfur, target peacekeepers and impede efforts to end the 12-year conflict in Sudan's vast western region.

Darfur offers Islamists "fertile ground" as violence persists: UN

United Nations experts warned that Sudan`s remote western territories could become a breeding ground for radical Islamists as violence in the country`s conflict-torn Darfur region rages at an alarming level.

Gunmen attack Darfur peacekeepers

Unidentified gunmen launched two attacks on Tuesday on peacekeepers in Sudan's violence-wracked Darfur region, with two of the assailants killed in ensuing clashes, the UN-African Union mission said.

Sudan President says vote must go ahead for `stability`

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir said Wednesday elections slated for April and widely expected to extend his rule must go ahead on schedule to preserve stability, despite opposition calls for a delay.

Sudan orders senior UN officials to leave: Source

Sudan has ordered two senior United Nations officials to leave, a UN staff member said Thursday, after a recent spike in tensions between Khartoum and the peacekeeping mission in Darfur.

Sudan steps up pressure on UN mission in Darfur

 Authorities in Sudan are stepping up efforts to force the UN-African Union mission in Darfur to leave, threatening the supply of vital humanitarian aid deliveries.